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Darius Fisher Talks Success

Success is not always easy to achieve. Even those who work very hard find success elusive. Learning from those who are successful, consistently successful, sheds a little light on what is necessary rise above the crowd. The Small Business Forum at serves up interesting interviews with people who have succeeded. A recent interview with […]

Madison Street Capital gives 2016 Hedge Fund outlook

What is the 2016 Outlook for Hedge Funds? According to Karl D’Cunha, Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, LLC., the hedge fund industry, which is currently “highly fragmented” will continue to consolidate, especially for partnership opportunities that connect product offerings with distribution. Madison Capital’s recent M&A overview taught us that in 2015, there were […]

Wen by Chaz Makes Hair Glow

Emily McClure is a writer for the website She had heard about this amazing new conditioner on the market called Wen hair  by Chaz Dean (, and it made her very curious. Could the rumors be true? Could there really be a 5 in 1 conditioner that would make it easier for her and […]

The Life and Contributions of Shaygan Kheradpir in the Cooperate World

  Shaygan Kheradpir is a figure to reckon with in the cooperate world. His career in the business world can be traced from high-ranking positions in various companies including Juniper Networks, GTE, Barclays, and Verizon. Consequently, he boasts of outstanding experience in helping companies achieve their desired objectives, especially in the management and technology areas. […]

All You Need to Know about Event Planning

The success of any occasion is often a result of a meticulous organization process. This entails the extensive coordination of each aspect. An event organizer is someone who oversees booking of the venues, logistical needs and any other activity involved. It encompasses organizing weddings, conferences, festivals, parties and other related occasions. The success of such […]

All You Need to Know About Sanjay Shah

Autism Rocks is one of the most popular international charitable organizations in the world. It was started by Sanjay Shah several years ago with the main aim of helping children suffering from autism. Sanjay Shah recently got an interview from the entrepreneurial podcast network enterprise radio. The radio show is very popular, and it is […]