What The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Is Doing For Their City

New Jersey is lucky to have the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation working to help boost their city’s financial status and help it grow. They are working to bring in new businesses, expand the businesses that have been there for years and improve the buildings, homes, and office space that is already there. They are also working to bring in new real estate growth to residential areas all over the city as well as developing real estate in corporate areas which includes minority and small businesses. This helps bring new jobs to the community which then brings in new families too. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation used to be called The Brick City Development Corporation until they recently changed the name at the end of 2014. They have also relocated their offices and that in itself will save the city a quarter of a million dollars which was just the first of many smart financial moves they are planning to make. The city council also decided to vote in new members to the board and vote on new rules for the board and decrease its members by two.

This summer, Kevin Seawright was appointed to lead the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. He will be an intricate part of helping build the city of Newark and build up its residential as well as business areas. He will encourage real estate growth and business growth using his experience in managing capital, accounting, and business operations and having thirteen years of experience working in areas such as government entities all over the United States. He has saved various agencies hundreds of thousands of dollars with updating accounting processes in numerous high-end positions as he worked his way up in positions.  He also will be putting emphasis on refurbishing the building already built, offering loans for large scale improvements, help with questions or any other information that they might need, discounts on advertising and giving financial help and credits on taxes and exemptions to help out businesses from the state.

Kevin’s background is in the areas of professional business management, management in large and small business projects, accounting. He has worked with in the field in building and developing real estate, education, and various government entities and departments in the United State’s capital of Washington D.C. and the city of Baltimore located in Maryland. He has been involved in being on various advisory boards which CrunchBase indicates, has coached little league sports, and is a member of several business and accounting organizations and activities.

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