The Brazilian Literary Inspiration: Jamie Garcia Dias

Brazil: the heart of literature and innovation. Brazilians are known in the literary world for their thirst of learning and storytelling. Writers who have emerged from Brazil’s area known for their ability to communicate with a wide and varied audience.

One of the most famous Brazilian authors is Jamie Garcia Dias. When he was only a teenager, Jamie showed a great interest in writing based on his well-respected father, who was a journalist. Due to the fact that his father was admired and respected in many media circles, Jamie was inspired by his father to pursue writing. However, he learned quickly that the fast-paced environment and stringent deadlines of the journalism industry were not for him. Being a fiction writer, Mr. Dias could have the freedom to write at his own pace and give the intensive attention to his work that has made him so well loved by his readers.

Off to pursue his dreams, Jamie’s resume shows that he attended the University of Rio de Janeiro (which became an additional inspiration). Later on, he became a teacher and later the president of the Caricoa Literature Academy. Jamie has continued to use his passion for writing and teaching to lecture at many schools around Brazil, with the hopes of inspiring new writers just as his father had done with him.

Mr. Dias has written ten books with many more on the way. He primarily works in the realm of Brazilian fiction, but he is a painter as well and his hard work and devotion has ensured that Brazilian literature has been become a more prominent component within literature as a whole.

Mr. Dias has won a variety of literary accolades for his works, and to a lesser degree what he’s posted to his blog over the years. One of the most prestigious honors he has received is the ABC Award for Brazil.

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