The independent Coriant led by the new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir

Founded by Marlin Equity Partners, Coriant became an independent company in 2013. This was due to Sycamore Networks solutions and Nokia Siemens Networks business acquisitions. It now holds headquarters in USA, Germany, Munich and Naperville. In over a hundred countries, Coriant has been recognized for innovative networking solutions supply to leading network operators. Currently, Coriant has attracted many customers that include global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers, cloud providers, enterprises and government agencies. Coriants’s services have so far been excellent reaching out to the locals and also extending globally. This has helped in placing markets in even government agencies. Other target markets include; large enterprises, electric utilities, mobile and fixed line service providers, content providers and submarine network operators.

The company is now headed by Shaygan Kheradpir as the CEO, Robert Leggett the chairman and DiPietro the vice-chairman. Currently the company has an average of 3000 employees offering a vast line of products. These include, integrated optical planning solutions, intelligent network management, packet optical transport solutions, optical LAN and broadband access, cross-connect or TDM solutions, MSPP solutions and edge routing solutions. The current Coriant’s CEO Shaygan Kheradpir, has great business and technology leadership. He has worked closely with the team in the senior management of Marlin Equity Partners as an Executive Operator. By this, his active involvement in the company’s operations has seen him to his new leadership position. Shaygan is expected to drive solutions that will bring great significance to customers in the vast and competitive end-user market. A graduate from Cornell University with a degree in engineering, Shaygan has much experience having worked with financial and technology service industries. Having begun his career at GTE Corporation, he has worked and held high positions in different organizations including Juniper networks where he was the CEO.

In a statement he made, Shaygan is looking forward to drive Coriant to a high standard level following his over two decades experience working across the telecom, financial service and technology industries.

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  1. He has also worked at Barclays where he served as chief operations and technology officer. He looks forward to provision of high levels of programmability, service agility and automation. This is the situation where to have to show that everything is working so well.

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