Support This Fundraiser for the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society

Jon Urbana, the famous Nova lacrosse player from Denver, is sponsoring a charity drive at CrowdRise for the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society. The charity drive seeks to raise over one thousand dollars that Urbana says will go towards medical care and processing for hundreds of cats and kittens at the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue in Denver, Colorado.

From his work history, you’ll see that Jon Urbana is wholly devoted to sponsoring humanitarian causes. He has worked with charitable organizations throughout his life and knows their value to the community. Urbana himself co-founded the Next Level Lacrosse Camps that help train young lacrosse players in person and through Twitter and other social media channels including Facebook.

The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is a longtime supporter of no-kill animal shelters and has worked for years to fight against animal cruelty. The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is based on Colorado where they sponsor a no-kill cat shelter to help find new homes for cats and kittens. They have worked to educate the community about animal adoption. The current adoption center is called the Rocky Mountain Feline Shelter. It is located in Denver, Colorado. The shelter was established in 1982 with the mission of providing safe homes for neglected cats and kittens. At the moment, the Rocky Mount Feline Shelter cares for an estimated 125 cats and kittens.

Jon Urbana is an entrepreneur and has a popular blog with incredible photography. In addition to this, he learned how to fly a few years ago and achieved a great level of success (source: Aviation Business Gazette). He’s also a former professional lacrosse athlete. In 2002, he began his career playing 10 of 14 games with the Villanova Wildcats and picking up 31 ground balls.

To learn more about how you can help, visit Jon’s website at, or watch these videos.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

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