Brenda Wardle And The Analysis Of The Oscar Pistorius Trial

On Valentine’s Day 2013, the world was stunned by the news of Oscar Pistorius shooting and killing his girlfriend and model, Reeva Steenkamp. He admitted to the shooting death of his girlfriend, but Oscar Pistorius denied murdering Reeva Steenkamp. Oscar Pistorius was charged with her murder and a weapons charge the day after it happened while in police custody. The incident drew the attention of the media from around the world, and the media was focused on this interesting case in South Africa. Cases involving celebrities or athletes can take a long time in the United States, but South Africa finished the case rather quickly considering his fame and how peculiar the case was. In October of 2014, a judge ruled Oscar Pistorius was not guilty of murder, however, Oscar Pistorius was found guilty for his girlfriend’s culpable homicide and a weapons charge.

The global media was eating this case up because Oscar Pistorius was an Olympic runner, and he was also a double amputee and missing both of his legs. In 2012, he was a media darling for his underdog story in the Olympics. Anyone who watched the Olympics or even the news about the Olympics knew about the guy with prosthetic legs competing in races. Oscar Pistorius was the ultimate underdog, and in 2013 he admitted to killing his girlfriend by accident inside his own home.

A case like this in South Africa had a lot of people wondering about the legal process there, and Brenda Wardle was the analyst media outlets expected to explain to South Africa and the rest of the world. She is more than qualified to offer her expert legal analysis on any case in South Africa, and she took a particular interest in the case of Oscar Pistorius. Despite reaching a verdict in less than two years, the case had many component, and Brenda Wardle’s breakdown of these components was vital to the media.

Brenda Wardle was born in South Africa, and she also lives there. She has an extensive education and plenty of experience in law. She appeared on major media outlets such as the BBC and Fox news during the sentencing of Oscar Pistorius and for his appeal. In addition to her work with courts and offering analysis for the Oscar Pistorius trial, Wardle is also a renowned author in the legal field. No one was more qualified to cover the Oscar Pistorius trial than Brenda Wardle.

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  1. People can now say whatever they think and the old view of world perspectives would have been that the lawyers should not contact the media. The case some may be done for lawyers where they don’t have to do much work and a long time coming too. I think the media should be restricted by lawyers to protect the victims.

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