Protecting Your Rights With Lawyer Ross Abelow

Just because you have been arrested and have a pending court date for driving under the influence, you should never accept the penalty without a fight. There are many circumstances that happen during the arrest that could affect the punishment handed down. If you are going to try and go to court on your own without an attorney because you simply want to put this behind you, expect the judge to not have any pity on you and hand down as harsh a sentence as they can. Trying to save money on hiring a professional attorney could cost you more in the long run.

Understanding Your Rights
When you are pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, the arresting officer must conduct themselves in a certain manner. In addition to reading you your rights, they must conduct field tests that follow the letter of the law. While there are a number of field tests at the discretion of the officer, the reason that they chose or didn’t choose a field test can also come under scrutiny.

Local lawyer Ross Abelow will be able to access the police dash camera and get a better understanding as to why the arrest proceeded as it did. This skilled lawyer understands that the police officer has the ability to choose a variety of field tests, and the reasons for choosing or not choosing one can significantly impact the outcome of your case.

Avoiding the Severe Penalties
The judge will carefully look at the evidence in your case and hand down one of many different penalties. The first will be community service and possibly mandatory community service. Fines of different lengths and amounts will also be part of your penalty, not to mention losing your drivers license.

The judge can also hand down a severe jail sentence if you are a repeat offender or you possibly injured another person because of your driving. This is when it is important to have an experienced lawyer like Ross Abelow in your corner. He will be in the best position to plea bargain with the court so you are not paying a harsh price for a mistake that you made. In addition to a lighter penalty, Ross can negotiate with the judge on getting you a temporary license that will allow you to work.

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