TOWN Releases Quarterly Residential Market Report

New York City remains one of the premier places to buy real estate in the entire nation. People around the world continue to want to buy here, according to officials at TOWN Real Estate. The firm, one of the leading real estate firms in the luxury high end market in all of the world, talks real estate results in a recent article for Virtual Strategy Marketing. Firm officials report that NYC luxury real estate prices continue to rise as people want to buy here. This has led to increasing prices for housing that continues to make buying here a good investment for all concerned.

Staffers here report gains for the last quarter of the previous year were up quite significantly. This is a trend that is fully expected to continue in the future. It is also in line with the increases that were seen in the rest of the New York City area for much of the entire year. As 2015 came to a close, the price per square foot in this area have continued to reach impressive levels. This is shown by clear trends which resulted in a more than six percent higher price per square food than were seen a year ago.

As officials point out, prices for Manhattan apartments have soared more than twenty percent over the previous year. The sale price for condos was over a million last year while the sales price for co-opts also came in at over a million here. This was true for all condos including those with one bedrooms as well as such apartments with as many as four bedrooms. Both new construction and resales have seen a great deal of growth in price in the last few years. Buyers know what they want here and then tend to be willing and happy to pay for it.  Many buyers and sellers alike have found that it helps to turn to skilled real agents who know the market well.

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