Many Officials Including Dr. Sergio Cortes Visits Xerem to Assess the Situation

Floods wrecked havoc in Xerem, Duque de Caxias. This situation prompted different officials to visit the area in order to assess the situation and provide humanitarian aid to the affected families. In attendance was Sergio Cortes. The State Secretary of Health made different recommendations in order to ensure that spread of varying diseases was contained. The officials also assessed the conditions of the shelters that were receiving the affected population. The Dengue Hydration Center was quite instrumental in handling the various health concerns of around 300 people in a given day.
Cortes was quite satisfied with the preparations asserting that he was hoping for the best as the center was designed to provide support to the functions undertaken by the municipality. Sergio was concerned about the increased garbage in the area, as this would have increased the number of dengue mosquito and created more problems for the populace of the area.
The state was requested to make more deliveries of calamity kits and antibiotic tablets for purposes of preventing against leptospirosis. This decision was reached in a meeting between the National Health Force Conception Mendonca’s coordinator and the secretary in charge of municipal health, Camillo Junqueira. The different government health agencies were working round the clock to prevent against proliferation of various water diseases such as diarrhea and hepatitis A. Other diseases such as meningitis and chicken pox were also put under control.
In order to deal with the issue of waterborne diseases, teams were dispatched to the area to disinfect water. The Department of Health urged people to purify water. In light of this initiative, the state department provided the area with 10,000 containers of sodium hypochlorite. People were asked to drink and cook using bottled water. People working in the shelters would be trained to comprehend how to identify symptoms of various diseases besides the use of febrile syndrome protocol. This information was originally reported on Extra as elucidated in the following link
Dr. Sergio Cortes asserted that the number of people on exame.abril affected with osteoporosis was worrying especially because many people do not know the severity of the disease and its prevention methods. Out of every five men, one has the diseases. Osteoporosis is quite prevalent among women given that every one out of three women is affected by the illness. Sergio asserted women were more affected because after a certain age, they experience a decline in the production of estrogen. Smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, history of the family, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle determines the development of osteopenia in an individual. Sergio asserts that physical exercises, proper diet and exposure to sunlight can help prevent osteoporosis. This information was reported on Sergio Cortes’s website as found in the following link.
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