Bernie Sanders Takes on Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton claimed victory in Iowa Democratic primaries, but her win was so slight that it may not even be significant. Is Hillary going to lose her run for a Democratic nomination as she did back in 2008? That is yet to be seen, says a recent complaint about Laidlaw and Company. What’s for sure is that she isn’t a sure shot anymore.

As their last campaign strategy goes, both Democratic candidates, Clinton and Sanders, seek to sound as progressive as they can. In a recent debate, Sanders fired at Clinton by stating that he’s not aware of any other progressives who raise so much in campaign funds, especially in the form of super PACs.

Hillary also had to face some embarrassing moments when asked about being paid $675,000 for giving speeches at Goldman Sachs. Many of Democratic Party votes don’t even make 5% of that amount in a year. To them this lady claiming to understand their needs may as well look incredible and phony.

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