George Soros and other Liberal Donors Contribute a New Fund to Spur Immigrant Voters


According to New York Times billionaire George Soros and other liberal donors have organized to contributed a new donation of $15 million to go towards the campaign of mobilizing the Latinos and other minority immigrants this fall. The fund is to be channeled towards outrage at the political rhetoric of Donald Trump and other republican candidates and increase voters for democratic candidates in November. Strategists have pointed out that this new spending will be without a doubt the larges Democratic voter effort devoted to immigrant voters particularly the Latino. Source

Most of this contribution is expected to be spent on organizations supporting democratic candidate in Florida, Colorado and Nevada states that have most of the Asian and Latino populations which will be pivotal for the presidential race and the battle to control the senate. This outreach is expected to be coordinated through a new “super PAC” foundation called the Immigrant Voters win PAC which will be more partisan and political than past efforts. The goal is not just to persuade the Latinos in the Democratic side to vote for the Democratic party candidate, but to persuade the swing voters to join Democratic movements. The ultimate results expected is to get 400,000 new voters joining the Democrats in November. Source

According to the president of the Latino Victory Project, Cristobal Alex, he has reiterated that it will involve taking the gloves off. According to Alex, Trump called the Hispanic-oriented groups rapists and thieves right from the first day.

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The donors of Democrats include George Soros and other rich donors who want to ensure Democrats win big in the states occupied mainly by Hispanics and other immigrants. Soros will be contributing $5 million to the super PAC. This spending will represent a return of large-scale spending in politics that made him what he is today. After the $5 million contribution, Soros would have contributed a total of $13 million since the 2004 election. Source

Soros has also insisted that the intense anti-immigration and anti-Islam rhetoric fueled by Donald Trump is likely to be harmful for the democracy and to the national interests of American. Trump and other Republican candidates have called on a move to block Muslim from entering the United States. Soros has called this move as deeply offensive. Source

George Soros who is the founder and chairman of Open Society leads a network of partners, projects and foundations in more than 100 countries. He is a person committed to the idea of open foundation, believing is the rule of law, democracy, a place in the society where rights are respected, transparency is practiced and a government that is accountable to the people. Source

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  1. He insists that a giant wall built by Trump would break many families apart. Immigrants and Latinos have been considered to sit back and watch as republicans come out in large numbers to vote for their candidates. There are so many things that superiorpapers reviews might have reviewed on their behalf and it goes to show that something is really needed to advance such feat nice and easy.

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