FreedomPop’s President Reveals Plans for Global Success

Presidents of startup companies do enjoy making themselves available to the media. Interviews are publicity opportunities. When an executive is able to reveal wonderful news about a company, the interview could generate a solid buzz. FreedomPop’s president Nicholas Constantinopoulos gave an outstanding interview to Mobile World Live. Those who procured service from FreedomPop probably feel they made the right choice after listening to Constantinopoulos’ words.

FreedomPop has publicly revealed a massive new expansion that has the potential to completely shake up the telecommunications industry. Massive monthly fees combined with even more stratospheric roaming charge are obnoxious for travelers to deal with. Then again, even those whose don’t travel much at all like to save money. FreedomPop doesn’t require a huge budget to use. The initial service is totally free. Amazing deals on refurbished phones allow devices to be acquired at discounts upwards of 90%.

In the interview, Constantinopoulos discussed the biggest plans FreedomPop has in the works. The company is signing a deal to expand service in 25 countries. That is going to be a start. Plans are to keep going into new markets. And then there is the giant plan to launch a massive global Wi-Fi hotpot.

FreedomPop pushes itself as being a big success thanks to its innovative ability to provide free service. Questions surely arise as to how the company can make money. FreedomPop just raised $50 million in venture capital funds. How do the investors expect to see a return on their money? Constantinopoulos muses on the high numbers of subscribers who went from “free-only” service to expanded ones. The expanded service come with usually nominal fees.

Interviews such as these are helpful to the cause. FreedomPop keeps its costs low by avoiding spending huge sums on advertising. Attracting new clients relies on promotional activities. They are doing well.

FreedomPop’s CEO is very comfortable behind the camera and his recent interview has helped cast a light on how the company can best serve those interested in a solid budget mobile phone service. Word of mouth is among the best ways the company is able to capture the attention of the public.

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