Finding the Right Hair Care Products

Every once in a while as you move through life you find yourself not satisfied with your hair care products, especially your shampoo and conditioner. For some reason over the last few weeks or months you have noticed that your hair care products do not help your hair reach its maximum measure, and it seems flat or greasy. So you find yourself shopping for a new brand or style to help your hair be its best.
In a recent article on a new line of hair care product called Wen by Chaz [] was given a 7-day test to find out if a single product could replace all of the other products you use in your hair. Wen by Chaz provides a unique approach to hair-care as it offers several different options to the Wen line, for smell, but Wen by Chaz Dean purports to replace five of your hair-care products. The five products include shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner.

A 32-ounce bottle might set you back $30 if you buy direct from the ebay website, but if you shop around a little you can find it for as low as $18. The recommended trial period for using it the first time is a minimum of three weeks, but on they tried it for a week.

On the first day of use, they noticed fuller thicker hair, even though the user had fine thin hair. On the second day, she noticed her roots felt very greasy, but she was unable to shower. As the week went on, she realized two important things with Wen hair by Chaz; the first is that when she curled her hair it did not hold as long, and second she had to shower every day so her hair did not turn greasy. But they highly recommended Wen hair by Chaz.