Securus Technologies Puts Spotlight on GTL Wrongdoings

Securus Technologies, known as a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology, investigation, stated that they will begin releasing a series of findings that will highlight unethical behavior by Global Tel Link. Securus will expose multiple issues of systematic wrongdoings by GTL in a series of press releases over the next six months with the aim of shaming GTL into adapting more ethical behavior in the future.

GTL Misconduct Documented

The first report focuses on GTL’s activities during the time they worked with the Louisiana Department of Corrections in providing phone services to inmates throughout the corrections system. During this time GTL has been found to have set their telephones to add seconds to the duration of each call. During this time GTL is also accused of programming its phones to rate calls at much higher rates than currently permitted under rate caps. Additionally, GTL artificially inflated charges to its customers by adding various amounts of money to its calls after the calls were rated and billed single calls more than once. The report concludes that these actions were performed with the full knowledge of the organization and that they ended up costing
Louisiana taxpayers a significant amount of money in overcharges.

The level of GTL misconduct exposed in this first report is certainly high, and with further reports incoming over the next six months it is safe to say that GTL will have a lot to answer for. With its main goal of exposing and influencing GTL into ethical taking up ethical action, this first release appears to be a step in the right direction.

Securus Technologies

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serves many different agencies involved with law enforcement and corrections across North America. The organization is fully committed to providing ethical and above-board monitoring and security services to these organizations.