Bustling NYC Life; One Agency Ready for the Job

Due to the bustling life found in the city, people rarely understand the time and effort necessary to contribute to that fast-paced atmosphere with the addition of buildings. From the proposals to the blueprints, to the permits and to the final construction, the addition of office buildings, grocery stores, and even residential areas is a lengthy process worthy of recognition. Currently undergoing this extensive operation is New York City. The proposals were requested in June; the permits have been obtained, and construction is set to take place at the following addresses:

  • 28-10 Owens Plaza South, Queens
  • 270 Richards Street, Brooklyn
  • 21 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 22 Chapel Street, Brooklyn
  • 2956 Park Avenue, Bronx
  • 413 West 18th Street, Manhattan
  • 12 East 48th Street, Manhattan

The biggest project is the one million square foot Tishman Speyer’s Property due to take place in Long Island City, and will be the largest project to ever fill the area.

With such large projects underway, it is important to understand the professionals who will help abate some of the load. TOWN Residential is one of the many names who will be incredibly busy for the next few years on the NYC real estate scene.

This luxury, New York real estate agency has made a name for itself in less than a decade. Noted for having stellar customer service and an attention to detail, the persistence of this company is something crucial for bustling NYC life. With specialities, including marketing, leasing, and sales, TOWN Residential has knowledge in a vast array of areas that has allowed them to grasp and retain the attention of thousands of clients across America’s favorite city.

An impressive team that is not only knowledgeable about the industry but has the experience to boot has altered the NYC real estate industry drastically. Recognized for their services, TOWN Residential has earned many awards, including the Top 50 Places to Work in NYC. Conclusively, this is an agency well equipped for the job, so such an extensive upcoming project will be an easy feat for the team.