New Voice Search Criminal Investigation Software from Securus Technologies Released

The “Investigator Pro 4.0” software is an amazing tool for criminal investigators, using technology developed by the U.S. Department of Defense to identify the parties of a call by voice, rather than relying solely on telephone number PINs or IDs. By using this software with an inmate’s telephone to pinpoint and keep track of persons of interest, investigators can gather information more effectively.


This software promises to be especially effective in identifying gang and other criminal activities. By providing data about an inmate’s regular contacts, investigators don’t have to catalog multiple random phone numbers or struggle to identify persons of interest in contact with an inmate. It even tracks its “confidence” in the voice identification, so investigators will never have to guess at the program’s accuracy.


Biometrics and computer analysis are still relatively new to law enforcement and criminal investigation. Technology can provide so many improvements to criminal investigation and corrective facilities, and Securus is attempting to fulfill this need. Securus has been a Better Business Bureau accredited business since March 2016, and serves about 2,600 correctional facilities. Many of Securus’s solutions involve making technology available to inmates in correctional facilities while managing the security concerns of an evolving technological world.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez and His Venezuela Business

When it comes to running a great business in Venezuela, you might find that this country, in particular, is very difficult to own a business in. This is why many people are turning to a man known as Jose Manuel Gonzalez, since this is a person who is a professional businessman in the area and can help people to run their own companies as well. This is a professional you can trust and who will do their very best to ensure they are helping you to be an entrepreneur and to know exactly what needs to be done when it comes to running and creating a business that works well for you and others.

Now that you know a little bit about Jose Manuel Gonzalez, you might want to know about his background and to learn more about what he is up to at the current moment. For one, you will find that Jose Manuel Gonzalez has a lot of experience and education in the business Market. Because of this, he will be able to help people run their own companies and allow people to have amazing business advice that you simply will not be able to get anywhere else. Besides his education and experience, you can also find Jose Manuel Gonzalez on social media accounts across the internet so that you are able to learn more about him and his practice is.

There’s nothing better than working with a professional with whom you know is going to help you out run the company that you can feel proud of in the future. This professional is known as Jose Manuel Gonzalez and he has helped thousands of other businessmen in the area so that they are able to have the best companies that they could possibly dream of owning. This is why does a good idea for you to check out social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so that you were able to learn more about Jose Manuel Gonzalez and what he is up to at the current moment. Lots of people have had success with working with Jose Manuel Gonzalez.

Fabletics A Continued Success

Adweek says that Fabletics was established in October of 2013. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler the Co-CEOs launched Fabletics along with Co-Founder Kate Hudson. Active wear that is affordable, high quality, and trendy was well needed in the eyes of these individuals. Kate Hudson, Adam Goldberg, and Don Ressler decided it was time for the marketplace to experience this possibility and created Fabletics.

By 2014 of July Fabletics had branched out to United Kingdom, Germany,and France. By September of 2014 Fabletics reached its way towards Canada. By January of 2015 Fabletics had achieved an amazing shipment of $1 million orders. By February of 2015 Fabletics was able to have shipments reach Australia. In June of 2015 this amazing brand had launched men’s clothing and expanded to Netherlands and Spain. By October of 2015 Fabletics was in association with six retail United States locations. In February of 2016 it was reported that between 75 to 100 Fabletics stores were opening by the next three to five years. By March of 2016 Fabletics adding swimsuits and dresses to its clothing line. In 2016 Fabletics made its way to several store locations. The store locations included The Summerlin Shopping Center located in Las Vegas, SouthPark Mall located in North Carolina, Cherry Creek Shopping Center located in Colorado, and The Mall of America. Fabletics continues to have amazing success in the year of 2016.

Fabletics has an amazing mission aimed to inspire others. The mission of Fabletics is to provide clothing that allows individuals to continue to be active throughout the day. Fabletics creates clothing that maintains comfort while competing in an active competition, breaking a sweat in the studio, and/or keeping up your kids during the day. Fabeltics is where true innovation starts.

Fabletics provides individuals with customized outfits. The customized outfits fit into an individuals fashion and daily life style. Membership for Fabletics is simple and fun. Membership for Fabletics cost $49.95 per month. When you become a member you take a survey. The survey ask questions associated with daily workout and lifestyle choices. After the survey is completed then each beginning of the month you will be sent customized outfits. The customized outfits will be based on preferences gathered from the survey. Fabletics is very dedicated towards providing a clothing line that makes you feel beautiful.

In conclusion, Fabletics is a stylish brand that provides the ultimate comfort throughout the day.

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Venezuela Farms And Factories Are Struggling Because Of Leftist Politics According To Gubernatorial Candidate José Manuel González

Hugo Chavez ruled Venezuela with a firm socialist fist for more than 13 years. He had the oil gods on his side. Venezuela has more crude oil than any other OPEC nation. Chavez used the proceeds from oil exports to help the poor in his country, and he became the champion of uneducated, low-income people. He was a savior, but in reality, he was a fiscal nightmare. When he died in 2013, his vice-president Nicolas Maduro stepped in as president, and the country began a downhill economic journey.

Maduro has managed to reduce domestic food production down to a trickle, and according to one of the top agriculture entrepreneurs in Venezuela, José Manuel González, it will take years for the farms to recover unless they get real help from the government. José Manuel González is one of the Deputies of the National Assembly. Mr. González is from one of the largest states in the country, Guárico. Guárico is primarily an agriculture state.

José Manuel González and several members of the National Assembly have been trying to come to an agreement with Maduro for months, but the former bus driver is not listening. In the meantime, the people are starving, Caracas has turned into a violent city, and there’s not enough medicine to treat the sick and the children.  Maduro has fired government employees that signed the petition to remove him, and he has sent the military to the ports to control them. Venezuela has turned into a disaster area, and the recent “Taking Caracas” demonstration proves that the people want Maduro to leave office. More than a million people filled the streets of cities across the country to demand that Maduro leaves office. Maduro calls the demonstration an imperialistic maneuver to undermine his authority.

But the will of the people will endure, according to González. Maduro has hurt the country, and it’s time Venezuela follows the other South American countries.

Madison Street Capital Reports An Increase In Hedge Fund Deal Closings In Last Year

Some experts have predicted a decline in the hedge fund industry coming, but Madison Street Capital, an investment banking firm provides a look at the hedge fund trends over the last year, and actually saw an increase in M&A deal closings in the year 2015 over 2014. The firm reports that the closing volume increased 27% in 2015 over 2014, and total closings went up by 10. What Madison Street Capital determined was that even though there’s been slower performances across the hedge fund industry, hedge fund managers are turning to alternative investments to compensate for losses and are funding other means besides traditional mergers and acquisitions to close the deals. Madison Street Capital has facilitated many of these transactions and is a leader in large asset management.

Madison Street Capital was started in 2005 in Chicago, IL and provides services to businesses making large M&A deals, bankruptcy filings, restructuring and reorganizing, and other corporate consulting services. In particular, Madison Street Capital serves the middle market sectors and provides an incubator for buyers and sellers to come to an agreement, and securing financing for large transactions. In addition, Madison Street Capital gives its clients business and portfolio valuations and has an independent team of auditors that ensure legal compliance and fairness when various transactions are closed. Some notable M&A that Madison Street Capital has overseen have been The Dowco Group’s purchase of Acuna & Associados S.A., Henry Ford Health System’s deal with Pearl Human Care, and Renegade Industrial purchasing a facility from Loeb Term Solutions.

Madison Street Capital has also been a pillar in the community, helping both business and philanthropic organizations around the world when the need arises. A few months ago, they helped the Henry Ford Health System open up a new facility in India in partnership with Pearl Limited. More recently, Madison Street Capital has teamed up with the United Way organization in an effort to raise funding to combat the flooding disasters that have ravaged the south and Midwest. Madison Street’s executive board is made up of individuals who have long track records in financial advisory services and include CEO Charles Botchway, Managing Director Jaydip Sinha, and Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha. Read more:

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