Madison Street Capital Reports An Increase In Hedge Fund Deal Closings In Last Year

Some experts have predicted a decline in the hedge fund industry coming, but Madison Street Capital, an investment banking firm provides a look at the hedge fund trends over the last year, and actually saw an increase in M&A deal closings in the year 2015 over 2014. The firm reports that the closing volume increased 27% in 2015 over 2014, and total closings went up by 10. What Madison Street Capital determined was that even though there’s been slower performances across the hedge fund industry, hedge fund managers are turning to alternative investments to compensate for losses and are funding other means besides traditional mergers and acquisitions to close the deals. Madison Street Capital has facilitated many of these transactions and is a leader in large asset management.

Madison Street Capital was started in 2005 in Chicago, IL and provides services to businesses making large M&A deals, bankruptcy filings, restructuring and reorganizing, and other corporate consulting services. In particular, Madison Street Capital serves the middle market sectors and provides an incubator for buyers and sellers to come to an agreement, and securing financing for large transactions. In addition, Madison Street Capital gives its clients business and portfolio valuations and has an independent team of auditors that ensure legal compliance and fairness when various transactions are closed. Some notable M&A that Madison Street Capital has overseen have been The Dowco Group’s purchase of Acuna & Associados S.A., Henry Ford Health System’s deal with Pearl Human Care, and Renegade Industrial purchasing a facility from Loeb Term Solutions.

Madison Street Capital has also been a pillar in the community, helping both business and philanthropic organizations around the world when the need arises. A few months ago, they helped the Henry Ford Health System open up a new facility in India in partnership with Pearl Limited. More recently, Madison Street Capital has teamed up with the United Way organization in an effort to raise funding to combat the flooding disasters that have ravaged the south and Midwest. Madison Street’s executive board is made up of individuals who have long track records in financial advisory services and include CEO Charles Botchway, Managing Director Jaydip Sinha, and Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha. Read more:

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