Fabletics A Continued Success

Adweek says that Fabletics was established in October of 2013. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler the Co-CEOs launched Fabletics along with Co-Founder Kate Hudson. Active wear that is affordable, high quality, and trendy was well needed in the eyes of these individuals. Kate Hudson, Adam Goldberg, and Don Ressler decided it was time for the marketplace to experience this possibility and created Fabletics.

By 2014 of July Fabletics had branched out to United Kingdom, Germany,and France. By September of 2014 Fabletics reached its way towards Canada. By January of 2015 Fabletics had achieved an amazing shipment of $1 million orders. By February of 2015 Fabletics was able to have shipments reach Australia. In June of 2015 this amazing brand had launched men’s clothing and expanded to Netherlands and Spain. By October of 2015 Fabletics was in association with six retail United States locations. In February of 2016 it was reported that between 75 to 100 Fabletics stores were opening by the next three to five years. By March of 2016 Fabletics adding swimsuits and dresses to its clothing line. In 2016 Fabletics made its way to several store locations. The store locations included The Summerlin Shopping Center located in Las Vegas, SouthPark Mall located in North Carolina, Cherry Creek Shopping Center located in Colorado, and The Mall of America. Fabletics continues to have amazing success in the year of 2016.

Fabletics has an amazing mission aimed to inspire others. The mission of Fabletics is to provide clothing that allows individuals to continue to be active throughout the day. Fabletics creates clothing that maintains comfort while competing in an active competition, breaking a sweat in the studio, and/or keeping up your kids during the day. Fabeltics is where true innovation starts.

Fabletics provides individuals with customized outfits. The customized outfits fit into an individuals fashion and daily life style. Membership for Fabletics is simple and fun. Membership for Fabletics cost $49.95 per month. When you become a member you take a survey. The survey ask questions associated with daily workout and lifestyle choices. After the survey is completed then each beginning of the month you will be sent customized outfits. The customized outfits will be based on preferences gathered from the survey. Fabletics is very dedicated towards providing a clothing line that makes you feel beautiful.

In conclusion, Fabletics is a stylish brand that provides the ultimate comfort throughout the day.

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  1. Fabletics have been known for her quality outfits which are used by most ladies who hit the gym. Having many health benefits, meditation therapy has been proven a great success. Many have found comfort wearing Fabletics’ cloths. I have personally taken interest in their lifestyle quiz which is really amazing and inspiring.

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