New Projects Poised to Change NYC Real Estate Market


The New York City real estate market is a very competitive market that is tough to operate in, unless you have experience. Because of this, the city’s real estate market is led by a number of different developers that have a long history of developing and bringing to market some of the city’s top projects. This past week several of the top developers discussed their latest projects and their outlook for the city’s real estate future.


Jeff Blau, who is the CEO of Related Companies, a major developer in NYC discussed their latest project the Hudson Yards. Hudson Yards is a unique master-planned development that will be built on 28 acres in Manhattan. The community will contain hundreds of condos and single-family homes, high-end retail and restaurant space, hotels, and office buildings. He believes that this project, and other projects coming online in the next year will give a major boost to the NYC real estate market.


Arthur and William Zeckendorf, who are the principals and founders of Zeckendorf Development, LLC are among the most successful developers in NYC. The brothers have built some of the most dynamic buildings in the city and are currently working on 520 Park Avenue, which will be a luxurious condo development. The project is expected to boast the best floor plans in the city, offer stunning city views for those on the higher floors, and come loaded with amenities. They believe that the project will likely have 85% local buyers and 15% foreign investors, which is a trend that they have continued to see during their lengthy careers.


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