How EOS Grew to Become Second Leading Provider of Lip Balm

EOS joined the lip balm market at a time when innovation was scarce. The team ended up growing the company from a small startup to become the second leading seller of lip balm nationwide. EOS lip balm, or the Evolution of Smooth, strategically remained quiet about their business strategies and secrets in order to remain focused on more important things, such as developing and marketing their products. After seven years of rocking the market, EOS finally decided it was time to sit down for an interview with Fast Company to discuss what they did to make it big.

For the founders of EOS, the unchanging nature of the lip balm industry provided an excellent opportunity on which they were set on taking advantage of. EOS was founded by Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller. Mehra had a background in the consumer goods industry while Teller had previously been involved in startup incubators. The duo decided to spice up the market by completely rethinking the design and function of traditional lip balm. Having conducted intensive research, EOS lip balm decided to market their products exclusively to women who comprised a majority of the markets consumers.

The design of the new EOS product had to be functional and practical, yet appealing and easy to use. EOS decided on their now trademark orb shape container. Understanding that the product had to be appealing to all five senses, the team added multiple different flavors and colors. The next step was to get their new product into stores. After a successful purchase from Walgreens, several online stores like eBay ecame interested in the new, stylish lip balm. To keep up with the growing demand, EOS built their own manufacturing facilities that are almost fully automated from start to finish. Finally, the team used their aggressive and effective marketing techniques to generate widespread interest in their new lip balm. Check out the brand’s Facebook page and website for more information.


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