Brad Reifler Has Started Capital Management Companies

Brad Reifler is a very influential person in the business community. He grew up in California and was a bright kid. His parents have said that they knew Brad would be a success in any profession that he chose to get involved in. However, Brad was unsure what that profession would be. He went to the boarding school called the Harvard School for Boys. This is a very prestigious school that is located in the Los Angeles area. Brad spoke to several of the career counselors at this school. However, he eventually entered Bowdoin College having no idea what career he would pursue. While Brad was in college, he started to play around with the various financial markets around the world. He found that he had a skill for making wise investments that paid off quickly. This gave him an idea for a future career.

Brad Reifler knew that his future was going to be involved in trading commodities and financial management. Therefore, he scraped together some money to form the Reifler Trading Corporation. He officially launched his first business venture in 1982. It was an instant success and paved the way for future financial companies that Brad would eventually start. Reifler Trading Corporation dealt mainly with global derivative execution. The company was eventually purchased 18 years later by Refco, Inc. Another successful financial company that was founded by Brad was called Reifler Capital Management. The primary function of this company was to consult with commodity pools and advise them. There was also a branch of the company that was heavily involved in trading commodities and making investments in foreign markets like Brad had done back in his college days.

The most significant company that Brad Reifler founded was Pali Capital. He was the chief executive officer of this company when it made $200 million on an annual basis. Brad’s exploits at Pali made him a big celebrity and a superstar in the financial world. He is now regarded as a very influential man as far as money management is concerned. Many profiles have been written about Brad Reifler in many of the most prestigious financial publications around the world.

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