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When George Soros trains his attention on a social cause, you can bet things are about to get stirred up. Recently, Soros has once again proven himself to be a force of nature with his multitudinous efforts to unseat conservative incumbents throughout the country. In spite of his widely publicized backing of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, George Soros is not to be easily counted out. His lesser efforts on the local level have been categorical successes and have mostly gone unreported by mainstream media. But whenever Soros acts it’s worth taking note. His vast philanthropic empire can quickly generate tornado-force winds of change and topple old guards from coast to coast.

Taking on criminal injustice, one cop at a time
Recently George Soros has garnered a good deal of attention for his take down of Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. The aging CIA veteran was bidding for a continuance of his quarter-century tenure. But there was a new sheriff in town. Paul Penzone, a police sergeant, drew Arpaio into an electoral showdown. But the incumbent quickly found himself outgunned. Soros had supplied his enemy with a $2 million arsenal with which to rein havoc upon Arpaio’s campaign. Soon enough Arpaio realized he had brought a knife to a gunfight. He lost in a landslide. And George Soros racked up yet another impressive electoral defenestration to his rapidly swelling body count.

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Meanwhile in Florida, another beloved incumbent, Jeff Ashton was running for reelection as Orlando district attorney. The Republican had served for many terms and never faced any real threat to his tenure. No one had any reason to believe this time would be different. As an aside, it’s worth pointing out that dinky little towns and major metropolises alike tend to have locally funded elections. In some cases there are large sums at play. But most of the time, those who run for office, along with a few of their well-heeled friends will usually foot the campaign bill themselves. From the perspective of yokel candidates, Soros’ money bombs are measured by the megaton.

In Florida, Jeff Ashton was running his usual do-it-yourself campaign when out of the blue the George Soros war cloud accreted in the heavens and flooded his opponent’s coffers with a green deluge to the tune of $1.2 million. Ashton’s rival, an unknown public defender named Aramis Ayala, quickly gained the upper hand and started pounding the public face of Ashton’s campaign into the mat on radio and TV commercials over his ugly track record of persecuting vulnerable minorities. Soon enough, Ashton was lying dazed, center ring with each ballot slowly counting the seconds to his political annihilation. Ayala won in another knockout landslide. This was a huge upset for a veteran prosecutor who had won every prior election virtually unchallenged.

As you can see, George Soros plays hardball and he plays to win. This is a man who has booked 20%+ returns every year since 1970, a financial feat of historic proportions. Soros, being a lifelong intellectual, revels in the chance to deploy both his towering genius and his kingly resources to fight for a more open society. He paves over his opponents like so much gravel then drives the Sorosian steamroller onto the next obstacle while his stunned foes look skyward, as if ravaged by an act of God.

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