Sunny Plumbers: Service With A Smile That Doesn’t Crack

The Sunny Plumber offers full service plumbing assistance for your residential and commercial needs. Its plumbers tackle any task from drain cleaning to leak detection, sewer line issues to broken garbage disposals. They even sell and maintain tankless water heaters. This wide variety of services is available from 7:00 in the morning to midnight in the communities of Las Vegas, Tuscon and Phoenix. Additional plumbers are available in the greater southern California area.

The Sunny Plumber’s customer service is unequaled. This in large part is due to the 6 step customer service protection plan. This protection plan guarantees that each plumber will offer 3 solutions to your plumbing problem and once you select an option you have 3 days to cancel. All quotes are complete with no hidden fees and when a repair reaches above the $1500 price tag plumbers make sure to put through a customer care confirmation call. Once the job is complete, the repair is 100% guaranteed. Even the Sunny Plumber’s website strives to be the most customer friendly possible with an easy online booking tool and a live chat feature.

All of this attention to customer care has paid off and the Better Business Bureau of Las Vegas has given the Sunny Plumbers and A+ rating due to 5 star customer reviews. Customers reviews highlight the timeliness, efficiency and helpful attitude of plumbers.

Perhaps these high accolades come as no surprise to founder of the company Kenneth Goodrich as one of his main goals in founding the company was to impress upon customers the sunny disposition of his plumbers. He even chose the name Sunny Plumbers in 2013 to highlight this quality of his service professionals. Visit for more information.

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Construcap the Leading Brazilian Real Estate Firm

Construcap is one of the top ten largest Brazilian construction firms founded in 1944. The company ensures there is a commitment to its customers. Roberto Ribeiro Capobianco heads Construcap as the President of the enterprise. The company specializes in comprehensive construction services to its customers that include commercial buildings, industrial buildings, sanitation, road, railway, and airport infrastructure. Their clients are of three categories on, namely; private entities, government departments and individuals.

People contract the firm to construct residential apartments, housing complexes, and condominiums. Private entities contract On the company for the construction of garages, parking lots, offices, medical clinics and hospitals, educational institutions, commercial garallies and shopping centers. The government departments contract them to build a station for trains and subways, multi-sport gyms, sports courts and stadiums, sports and recreational areas.

Due to the quality services delivered to its clients, Construcap received an award in 2015 the ENR Global Awards 2015 from the Engineering News Record Magazine. Currently, the company has enormously expanded to services like the demolition of buildings and other structure, drilling and boring, electrical installations and maintenance, hydraulic and gas installations.

Cyrela Brazil Reality is the top finest real estate firm in Brazil regarding revenue and market value on The company was founded by Elie Horn in 1962 with its headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s two co-Chief Executive Officers are Raphael Horn and Efraim Horn. The company has expanded its wings to the extent of operating 16 states and 64 cities in Brazil. The business success is through the firm’s quality and reliable services brought about by real leadership.

Brazilian leading industries are the Real Estate Industries having grown tremendously for the past years. The property in Brazil at is advantageous because of its stability when compared to other platforms of investments, leading to an overflow of foreign investment in Brazil.

Todd Lubar Gives Real Estate Loans A Purpose

In the business world there are many successful people. While there are many successful people, the way to success is usually not the same for everyone. The path that leads to success has different twist and turns for people based on their individual situations. However, there are some things that tend to be common among successful people in the business world. One of these things is a plan. Many people who become successful in the business world did not become successful by accident. These successful people had a plan.


A plan is important for many reasons regarding success. A plan gives people a road map that they can use concerning success. Although a plan is not a guarantee of success in the business world, a plan provides a look into a path or process that can lead to success. In the end, a plan can always be adjusted based on events that have occurred. A plan does not have to be set in stone.


In the real estate industry, Todd Lubar is a real estate professional who made a plan for his career. He started out in 1995 as a loan originator. His plan started when he realized that he liked his job as a loan originator. As a result, he decided to pursue a career in the real estate industry as a real estate loan professional.


Todd Lubar learned as much as he could in his first job and eventually accepted other real estate loan positions. In all the jobs, he worked hard and learned as much as he could about real estate loans and the real estate industry.


After a decade in the real estate industry, Todd Lubar decided to start his own real estate companies. The purpose of his real estate companies is to provide real estate loans to people who want to purchase real estate property.



Freedompop Offers Free Service And New Equipment

It is a rare thing to get anything for free. Freedompop is a phone service company that provides customers with free service if they purchase a phone from the company. The way this works is the customer goes online to the Freedom Pop website. The customer will scroll through several choices in phones and tablets. The customer will find the phone they want and can pay for it on the website. After paying for the phone, the customer will set up for the service. They can choose from free service or get the unlimited service for less than 20 dollars.


The Freedompop review helps people to understand that it is true, there are the free phone and internet service available. Anyone that chooses the free service will receive 500 texts free. They will also receive 200 minutes free where they can call anyone they wish and talk for up to 200 minutes. A person with this free service can go online and has the ability to use up to 500 MB of data for free. At any time, it is possible for the customer to change their service to the unlimited plan.


Freedom pop offers great coverage and wonderful access most anywhere in the United States. Freedompop uses the Sprint towers and offers a 4G LTE experience if the 4G is in close range. One of the things people appreciate is the free shipping on new phones. The website offers several different choices for phones and tablets. Some of the most popular phones that are available are Blackberry phones, iPhones, Google phones, and Apple phones. There are also tablets sold on the site such as Ipads and the HTC LG. Any of these devices will do well with the free service of Freedompop.


Check out the freedom pop review on PT money. It explains how true it is to have free phone service from the freedom pop company. and also give information on the wonderful new free phone service from freedom pop.


John Goullet Is A Progressive Thinker

The backbone of all industries is staffing. It is extremely difficult to find talent and place it in the proper positions within an organization. Some of the largest companies in the world struggle to maintain a healthy source of manpower. That is why recruiting qualified individuals and placing them with the right job has become its own skill set. John Goullet recognized this immediately and decided to make his own mark in his chosen industry. IT is a highly technical field that requires specific types of people for certain job opportunities. John’s experience in this particular area allowed him to have great success.

John Goullet founded Info Technologies and quickly built it into a multi-million-dollar business. Within five years the company had Fortune 500 organizations as clients. John relied on his experience as a consultant within the industry. He recognized what companies needed and recommend the right technicians for there available employment opportunities. Most companies do not use a blanket employment strategy where they bring in as many people as possible to try and fill a handful of positions. Therefore they rarely post their openings on employment sites or use ads. This is where John Goullet and Info Technologies were able to make a major impact.

John saw an opportunity to take his business even further. He merged with the Diversant Inc, which soon became Diversant LLC. John was named Principal at the Diversant LLC and quickly began to bring his leadership and visionary talents to the new company. Diversant LLC has become a leader in the IT industry by providing staffing and consultation. It is a company that prides itself on having a progressive business model and developing the talents of each of its staff members. Diversant LLC was also named the largest African-American company in the country. It is a title that John Goullet and his partners take great pride in. Maintaining a diverse workforce is a sign of healthy growth within an organization. Diversant is able to set the example for its clients who look to them for their staffing needs. Outsiders are able to see firsthand how to build a healthy internal work structure.


Plastic Surgery

The field of plastic surgery has grown rapidly in recent years. More people than ever before are using plastic surgery as a way to enhance their physical features. There are various other applications for plastic surgery as well. If you want to take your looks to a new level, this is the way to go. Dr. Jennifer Walden has done a great job of helping grow this field over the years. She has a strong background in medicine, and she has a passion to help other people in this area. If you are looking for someone who is a great example to model yourself after, she is the person to go to.


Dr. Jennifer Walden


From the time she was in school, Dr. Jennifer Walden has always been about helping others. At the time, the field of plastic surgery was much smaller. It was unheard of for a person to go to the doctor to enhance their looks. If you are ready to invest in your looks, she is the perfect person to work with. Although she has worked all over the world, she is now based out of Texas. There are a lot of people in the industry who look up to her hard work and success.


Future Plans


Dr. Jennifer Walden has produced a lot of academic work in this field. With all of the changes in the industry, she is wanting to help as many people as possible get to the next level in her career. She is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to helping young people in medicine. If you are wanting to join this field, reading all of her work on this subject is a must. Dr. Jennifer Walden has a ton of knowledge that she is willing to share with others.

Brad Reifler Makes Sound Business Decisions

The financial industry has various ways that things are done. The industry is very dependent on raw numbers and the data that can be obtained from the raw data. The financial industry uses the raw data generated in the industry and the data generated from the raw data for many purposes. One of the purposes that the raw data and resulting data is used for is to define the various aspects that comprise the financial industry.

One of the major aspects of the financial industry where numbers are used to define are the investors that makeup the investor population. The defining of investors is based on the financial condition of the investors. There are two types of investors as defined by the financial industry, which are accredited investors and non-accredited investors. As a group, accredited investors are investors who have a net worth over one million dollars, and the investors earn over $200,000 a year.

On the other hand, non-accredited investors are investors who have a net worth of less than one million dollars, and the investors earn less than $200,000 a year. As a group, accredited investors comprise only around 1% of the total investor population. Non-accredited investors comprise around 99% of the total investor population.

While accredited investors only comprised a very small percentage of the overall investor population, accredited investors total the vast majority of the investment dollars generated in the financial industry. This is one of the main reasons why the financial industry concentrates on working with accredited investors.

Although this has been the situation for a very long time, there are some investment companies that have started to embrace non-accredited investors. Brad Reifler is the CEO of one of these companies. As the CEO of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler has made an adjustment in his thinking regarding non-accredited investors.

Over the past few years, Brad Reifler has developed investments with the non-accredited investors in mind. The investments are usually set to allow the non-accredited investors to invest smaller amounts of money over a long time period. The investments regarding non-accredited investors have been performing well for Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital.

How To Effectively Maintain Healthy Natural Hair

We all love our hair to some degree, especially women. Women’s hair is their personal weapon of choice and they know exactly how to flaunt it. The hair care industry is huge while bringing in billions of dollars per year. Being so huge this industry is literally cluttered with thousands of hair care brands. Some or good for you while others are not. Did you know that the average everyday person doesn’t know the proper way of caring for his/her hair? That’s right! Many of the things people do are actually hurting their scalps rather than boosting hair growth.

Dyes are very popular as they can give you a specific look thanks to their range of colors. Unfortunately dyes are full of chemicals that actually creates breakage or even hair loss with consistent use. Perms are another type of hair treatment that does major damage from use. Perms are chemically loaded as well and can make your hair brittle and break. The best thing to do in these situations is to stop using these harmful products are at least cut back on the applications. To take care of your hair without harming the sensitive scalp is by using products with an organic base. These products comes from mother nature herself and provides nourishing benefits such as added moisture, strength, and more shine. WEN is the premier product line to date and it delivers on all promises.

Being full of organic ingredients such as chamomile extract, cucumber, wild cherry bark, glycerin, panthenol, pomegranate extract, and rosemary extract; it gives you total haircare relief. Another great point of these advanced products is that they can be used on every type of hair whether it’s curly, straight, or wavy. This is the future of haircare health and WEN by Chaz Dean ( is leading the charge.

For more information on Wen items and how they can improve the hair, visit Also you’re encouraged to visit the product’s official Facebook page.

A Business Model of Ingenuity

Doe Deere has certainly set the stage for other business entrepreneurs to follow, especially those working directly in e-commerce. From an early age, living in Russia before coming to New York, she started a small business selling goods to her friends at school. This propensity to engage in commerce and be successful as an entrepreneur began early on for Doe.


Doe now runs a very successful cosmetics business that produces products that are animal cruelty free and supportive of vegan ideals. Lime Crime has become popular not necessarily for its safe line of cosmetics, but more for the vibrant, magical and colorful options of cosmetics.


Lime Crime not only provides customers with an eclectic mix of cosmetics to help define a style or personality, but the company strives to keep its customers coming back for more. The Lime Crime customer service model was an important part of Doe’s mantra, to love and respect everyone. Though setting up a customer service department was one of Doe’s regrets, in not setting it up sooner to help assist all of her customers, or Unicorns as they like to call them.


Doe learned a lot early on, and after moving to New York, joined a band with her now husband. During this time she was able to experiment further in developing her entrepreneurial skills. This helped set the stage for her to launch Line Crime. In 2004 she did what most people could do at that time, sell items on Ebay. She sold her cosmetics under the name Lime Crime, and then in 2008 was able to fully realize her business dreams as she launched the company.


Doe credits her business acumen to two strong sources. The first is trusting your gut. She worked for various companies where she never felt comfortable, it was a measure of being true to yourself. The second was learning from experience. As Doe continued to trust her gut, she experimented with that notion on smaller projects to the point where that experience became second nature.


For Doe Deere, the continual growth and development of Lime Crime is an expression of one’s inner self. Doe prides her accomplishments on setting industry standards as the world evolves into the way e-commerce does business. This has been true in a couple of examples. Lime Crime set the standard on lipstick, showing shades of color on lips instead of crumpled dust on parchment. This approach led to the second big industry change, an online cosmetics company being successful through e-commerce.


One other aspect that Doe invites others to do is learn from her experience. She is open to working with other young entrepreneurs and sharing advice as they strive to become successful.

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Passion, Progression, Persistence: Dr. Clay Siegall

When it comes to cancer research, everyone seems to be trying to cash in. Unfortunately this is the nature of the business for most companies. For other’s, cashing in is more of an afterthought as a person’s life is much more valuable than money. There have been numerous cancer medications, treatments, and therapies throughout the years, but none of them has given the world a definitive answer to the disease itself. When money begins to override your values, advancements seem to come to a screeching halt. Fortunately there is one company/organization that is willing to put people over profits. Seattle Genetics is the name and eradicating cancer is the game. This Bothell, Washington based company specializes in developing and commercializing antibody based therapies (aka) cancer killers and this is how.

These therapies are far advanced than treatments in the past. The main weapon of choice are antibody drug conjugates and they are far more efficient in their actions when being compared to earlier treatments. These therapies are innovative as they tend to deliver cell killing agents directly into cancerous cells. While this is happening, other non-targeted cells are spared. Unlike Chemotherapy which actually kills good cells within the body, (ADCs) leave no nasty side effects and the huge plus because the side effects can make the patient feel just as worse as the cancer itself. Seattle Genetics stand out in the crowd thanks to it’s leadership and this leadership is what’s spearheading the advance in the fight against cancer.

Dr. Clay Siegall is the chief here literally. He actually the CEO and President of the company who has a large knowledge base for cancer research. Dr. Siegall is the go to guy in this industry and he demonstrates from his successful body of work. Since it’s birth, Seattle Genetics has grown dramatically throughout the years and introduced some of the most innovated and advanced cancer therapies. The accomplished doctor is looking to take the company even further as it has numerous drugs already being tested in it’s pipeline. Dr. Clay Siegall truly epitomizes passion, progression, and persistence.