A Business Model of Ingenuity

Doe Deere has certainly set the stage for other business entrepreneurs to follow, especially those working directly in e-commerce. From an early age, living in Russia before coming to New York, she started a small business selling goods to her friends at school. This propensity to engage in commerce and be successful as an entrepreneur began early on for Doe.


Doe now runs a very successful cosmetics business that produces products that are animal cruelty free and supportive of vegan ideals. Lime Crime has become popular not necessarily for its safe line of cosmetics, but more for the vibrant, magical and colorful options of cosmetics.


Lime Crime not only provides customers with an eclectic mix of cosmetics to help define a style or personality, but the company strives to keep its customers coming back for more. The Lime Crime customer service model was an important part of Doe’s mantra, to love and respect everyone. Though setting up a customer service department was one of Doe’s regrets, in not setting it up sooner to help assist all of her customers, or Unicorns as they like to call them.


Doe learned a lot early on, and after moving to New York, joined a band with her now husband. During this time she was able to experiment further in developing her entrepreneurial skills. This helped set the stage for her to launch Line Crime. In 2004 she did what most people could do at that time, sell items on Ebay. She sold her cosmetics under the name Lime Crime, and then in 2008 was able to fully realize her business dreams as she launched the company.


Doe credits her business acumen to two strong sources. The first is trusting your gut. She worked for various companies where she never felt comfortable, it was a measure of being true to yourself. The second was learning from experience. As Doe continued to trust her gut, she experimented with that notion on smaller projects to the point where that experience became second nature.


For Doe Deere, the continual growth and development of Lime Crime is an expression of one’s inner self. Doe prides her accomplishments on setting industry standards as the world evolves into the way e-commerce does business. This has been true in a couple of examples. Lime Crime set the standard on lipstick, showing shades of color on lips instead of crumpled dust on parchment. This approach led to the second big industry change, an online cosmetics company being successful through e-commerce.


One other aspect that Doe invites others to do is learn from her experience. She is open to working with other young entrepreneurs and sharing advice as they strive to become successful.

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