Sunny Plumbers: Service With A Smile That Doesn’t Crack

The Sunny Plumber offers full service plumbing assistance for your residential and commercial needs. Its plumbers tackle any task from drain cleaning to leak detection, sewer line issues to broken garbage disposals. They even sell and maintain tankless water heaters. This wide variety of services is available from 7:00 in the morning to midnight in the communities of Las Vegas, Tuscon and Phoenix. Additional plumbers are available in the greater southern California area.

The Sunny Plumber’s customer service is unequaled. This in large part is due to the 6 step customer service protection plan. This protection plan guarantees that each plumber will offer 3 solutions to your plumbing problem and once you select an option you have 3 days to cancel. All quotes are complete with no hidden fees and when a repair reaches above the $1500 price tag plumbers make sure to put through a customer care confirmation call. Once the job is complete, the repair is 100% guaranteed. Even the Sunny Plumber’s website strives to be the most customer friendly possible with an easy online booking tool and a live chat feature.

All of this attention to customer care has paid off and the Better Business Bureau of Las Vegas has given the Sunny Plumbers and A+ rating due to 5 star customer reviews. Customers reviews highlight the timeliness, efficiency and helpful attitude of plumbers.

Perhaps these high accolades come as no surprise to founder of the company Kenneth Goodrich as one of his main goals in founding the company was to impress upon customers the sunny disposition of his plumbers. He even chose the name Sunny Plumbers in 2013 to highlight this quality of his service professionals. Visit for more information.

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