How Thor Halvorssen Makes a Difference

Standing Up For Human Rights

Human rights are taken for granted in the Western world, but for many they are under attack by oppressive governments. There are many who ismply don’t believe there is a reason for anyone to speak out against this oppression, but Thor Halvorssen has made it his life mission to expose this oppression once and for all. Through his work at the Human Rights Foundation he has helped to expose countless oppressive regimes across the world and build a world of open societies.

A Family Of Freedom Fighters

He isn’t the only freedom fighter in his family. On both his mother’s and father’s side people have taken up action against oppressive regimes and sought to create a freer world. On his mother’s side Halvorssen is related to the freedom fighter Simon Bolivar and the first president of Venezuela Cristal Mendoza. His father’s Norwegian family has done plenty to fight against oppression going all the way back to World War 2 when they helped direct European refugees to South America where they were able to escape the dangers of life in war torn Europe.

Thor Halvorssen In Action

To accomplish his goals he uses a variety of methods. Some days he does this through simple actions like sending balloons into North Korea, but at times he employs more complicated campaigns to promote open societies. Frequently, Halvorssen finds himself filming documentaries in order to expose corruption and oppression in developing countries by taking trips to these countries for himself. His work in these countries is often treacherous, but he understands there is simply no other way to go about exposing the truth. Sometimes he even faces dangers such as violence and arrests, but he sees this as necessary to accomplish his goals.

Towards Open Societies

The ultimate goal of Thor Halvorssen is to do everything he can in order to promote the creation of open societies. One of the biggest problems we see in the world today are countries were people are unable to choose their own path in life and are forced into social roles they did not choose. In an open society everyone decides their fate regardless.

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