Jennifer Walden Offers Plastic Surgery Or Cosmetic Assistance To Achieve That Look

Cosmetic or plastic surgeons can perform many different procedures for their patients. Some of the plastic surgeries are performed to improve a person’s body after wrecks, burns, or childhood afflictions. These procedures may require skin or reconstruction of bones. The plastic surgeon uses prosthesis such as plastic to make a new jaw bone, or skin from the buttocks to repair a burn on the arm. These procedures are very delicate and need special attention from the Plastic surgeon and their team. Jennifer Walden is one of those special people that are capable of providing the plastic surgery necessary to improve a person after injury.


Jennifer Walden moved back to Austin Texas after spending a few years in Manhattan. She moved to New York to help a doctor there. After she made the decision to move back home, to Texas in 2011, she set up a Satellite office and her career took off. Jennifer is a plastic or cosmetic surgeon that thrives by improving how a person looks and feels about themselves. She continues to learn about new products and procedures that will improve people. Jennifer is a commentator for the media. She speaks out for Rejuvenation. She helps people understand about Botox and Laser procedures. She is possibly one of the best at doing liposuction. Each and every procedure is important to her and the outcome is going to be her best.


Jennifer has won several awards in her lifetime. The awards began in high school where she earned the all-state soccer title. After earning the all-state soccer award, her desire to achieve excellence soared. Since becoming a notable cosmetic surgeon, Jennifer has added at least two more awards to her shelf. The American Society of Plastic Surgery award and the Notable American Women’s Association award. She is noted as one of the top surgeons in the Texas area and is quickly becoming a household name. Maybe because she is presenting ideas and information on several of the talk shows and magazines. Her articles are popping up in airline magazines and other medical journals.


One of her greatest accomplishments is her family. After completing medical school she made the decision to have a family. She did not let the fact of no husband stop her desire for a family. With the help of her gynecologist and a donor, Jennifer now has two wonderful sons to call her mom.

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