The Influence of Desiree Perez at Tidal

Tidal is one of the successful music streaming services in the United States. Its partners such as Jay-Z, Rihanna, T.I, Beyonce, and Kanye West have been supporting the growth of the enterprise by using it to release their albums. They are all high profile musicians, and therefore, they attract more fans to the streaming service. The Tidal app has been getting many downloads on the iTunes store in the recent days. Another crucial figure in the growth of the company is Desiree Perez. She has been Jay-Z’s close friend and associate for over two decades and is the wife of Juan Perez who is an administrator of the Roc Nation Sports.

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Desiree has gained a good reputation in the industry due to her outstanding negotiation skills. She also commands great respect in the streets. According to information from her close workmates, she is the force behind many successful deals such as Beyoncé’s Formation tour and Rihanna’s contract with Samsung. She is one of the members of the Hova Circle of Influence, which has been assisting in the management of Tidal and various units of Roc Nation.


Desiree Perez has been working to support Jay-Z in the establishment of the music streaming service. She believes that the company has a high potential and it will be operational for a long time. Desiree has assisted the firm to make deals with various profitable musicians. She is the best person who can ensure the success of the enterprise. Tidal has created a niche in the market by targeting the young generation. It has also managed to compete with established businesses such as Apple Music and Spotify. The firm has managed to penetrate the market due to the networking ability of Jay-Z and his good relationship with other musicians.  Source

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