The George Soros You Thought You Knew

George Soros – Little Known Facts
György Schwartz, aka, George Soros was born in Hungary where he survived the Nazi occupation. Like many Jewish Hungarians, he fled to England at the time the Communist rule began. To truly appreciate his plight, it is necessary to imagine life under the cruel Nazi regime where people were hunted for no reason other than race, creed and ability to be “useful.” The Schwartz family was forced to change their name to “Soros” or be hunted by the Nazis.

Faced with enormous obstacles on, George Soros developed a natural instinct for right and wrong that was a major source of personal strength and would mark his future for the rest of his life.

In England, George Soros lived as a penniless teen. He tenaciously sought jobs where he could find them, first, as a waiter and later, as a porter for the railroads. George Soros humbly accepted the good graces of others so he could get a college education. At London School of Economics, George graduated with a PhD in philosophy. Read more on Biography.

Perhaps, choosing the name “Soros” which translates in Hungarian to “soar,” the name change proved auspicious to his endeavors. George and his parents never felt free of the stigma of anti-Semitism even when they relocated to the U.S. Interestingly, the name Soros was misinterpreted and became Soros. Being the always inquisitive man, George Soros learned speak the Esperanto language. Esperanto is an international language that was created in 1887 by Ludwig Zamenhof.

George Soros Wealth Track
Due to George Soros detail oriented and organizational skills, he naturally gravitated to the hedge fund industry. But George Soros has never forgotten his roots or the hardship and deprivation he suffered as a child. He was determined to be a success. Today, he ranks as the 400th wealthiest individual in the U.S. in league with Warren Buffet, Charles and David Koch, Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates. His actual wealth has been reported as being over $24 billion. It may be said he is a “self-made” billionaire having begun from a penniless early childhood and ranks No. 19 among other self-made billionaires.
Some are posted on Forbes.

The Soros Credo
Today, George Soros is respected for his philanthropic contributions that equal annual contributions of 45 percent of his total wealth or $735 million to a variety of contributions to education, international charities and sports.

There has been an anti Semitic strategy to cast George Soros in a bad light. The reason is obvious. George Soros chooses to follow his principles and beliefs in business which simply means he refuses to game the system others find it so easy to do. It is clear George Soros early life has influenced his business attitudes that give credence to his success on Politico.

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