End Citizens United Calling For A Constitutional Amendment

End Citizens United is trying to overturn Citizens United. They already have 250,755 signatures. They are still trying to get more.

End Citizens United states that Citizens United is a complete disaster as it led to the opening of floodgates for corporations who were now able to write big checks. These were able to fund the special interest attacks of the right-wings. This helped to pour in $719 million during the 2012 elections.

Now what is to be done about it? This is why End Citizens United is looking for a constitutional amendment that will be able to put power back into the hands of people. These would mean actual people and not corporations.

The fact is that U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in 2010 managed to change the complete landscape of American elections. It led to opening the door to billionaires and such other special interests that could now spend unlimited money that was simply untraceable.

End Citizens United does recognize that meaningful reform would require action at the grassroots. End Citizens United had been established as a Political Action Committee on March 1, 2015.

This is when Mothership Strategies was given the task of building a huge base of grassroots supporters. This was needed by End Citizens United in order to take on big corporate money. They had to put all these hard earned dollars into defending champions of campaign finance reform as they took on the corrupt politicians.

They managed to raise $25million online. Out of this 3.5million was through citizen supporters, 1.8 million was through individual contributors.

Mothership strategies were taking on the ultra-rich. Hence this required the financial support of a large number of grassroots donors, as well as their committed support.

Read more news about the group on MSNBC.

All this was done through a cutting edge fundraising program. It started out as just an online presence. Today it has become one of the most powerful voices that can be heard in progressive politics. This has become a brand and supporters are excited enough to donate to it.

This is why more than 50 percent of donors have contributed to it more than once. In addition, Mothership Strategies has pioneered various innovative email tactics. All this is redefining the way in which grassroots dollars are being raised online.

This way data has been combined with in-house expertise. Personalized experiences could be tailored for each of the grassroots supporters. Under this direction from Mothership Strategies, End Citizens United has managed to build one of the most recognizable brands today in progressive politics. Compelling graphics coupled with a modern style allows the messages of End Citizens United to cut through all the clutter and reach people. Hence nearly 26 million voters have been reached through online ads. The group’s financial information is available on Open Secrets.

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