Susan McGalla Brings Forth A Lot of Cultural Change

There are people who live through changes. Then there are people who bring about the changes that are positive. Among these people who have brought about positive changes in the industry she has worked in is Susan McGalla. She has started her career in a time when men were the predominant workers. This is especially the case on the board. However, Susan has joined the board for American Eagle Outfitters and she was very comfortable in her position as a board member. She was able to get along well with the other workers in the environment and contribute to a positive environment.

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Susan has used her creativity to not only bring about some good products to American Eagle, but change the culture of the company. Not only has American Eagle Outfitters opened up some new lines, but they have also allowed more women to be a part of the board because of the effect that they had on the company. The new lines have made it easier for the company to gain even more sales. Susan has shown that she is great for business. She has left American Eagle Outfitters with a great example to follow for leaders that come after.

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Susan McGalla is now a business owner and she enjoys the benefits that she gets from owning a business. She encourages others to look for opportunities to start a business. They get to have unlimited earning potential. Susan herself also has a lot of room to be creative in her pursuits. Therefore, she has been able to come up with a business that she enjoys and is able to serve customers in the capacity that she enjoys. The customers also enjoy the products that she sells to them. This is very important in that people will not buy from companies they don’t enjoy.  Follow McGalla on

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