Glen Wakeman’s Current Activities With Launchpad Holdings

Glen Wakeman has spent many years helping large corporations change how they do business internally and has hosted many seminars on the foundations of business leadership. Now he’s helping aspiring entrepreneurs put together their own plans to build businesses and turn their concepts into successful companies through Launchpad Holdings, LLC. Launchpad helps people organize their goals on what they want the business to look like and then provides advice on how they can meet them and present the plan to seed investors (SlideShare). Glen Wakeman has helped build this company through his insights and many years of experience helping companies of all industries meet their goals.


Glen Wakeman comes from a background in business and finance, the area of study he pursued at the University of Chicago and earned a bachelor’s degree in ( Glen Wakeman began his career in the business development department of GE Capital, and he was gradually promoted to become a manager in that department. GE’s Board of Directors even commended him as a leading model for leadership. During his time as leader of this company, he traveled abroad and had over $15 billion in assets he was tasked with managing.

Glen Wakeman has relied on five aspects of business strategy that he believes dictate its long-term success. First, he’s about execution or making sure the business is producing the services according to its goals. Second, he’s about governance and making sure the business has the right policies and hierarchy in place. Third, he has a high emphasis on human capital both in terms of employee and client relationships. And finally, Glen Wakeman values leadership and businesses who foster an environment about it, and risk management. Wakeman has been helping smaller company executives bring these aspects to their companies and is currently working with the leaders of Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees.

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