Nobody Raised George Soros To Stardom; He Was Self Made

George Soros was born in Hungary, but he later fled the country. George educated himself in The London School of Economics since his parents could not educate him. He mainly raised his fees working as a porter in a railway and a waiter in a local hotel. However, later he was lucky enough to get a start in the finance industry when he got a job at a merchant bank. Later, George Soros moved to New York and started a career on Wall Street. In 1969, George established his edge fund, which was later rebranded into the Quantum Fund. The edge fund was initiated with only $12 million. 3 years later, George Soros with the help of Stan Druckenmiller shorted the British Pound and made impressive profits that people called him the man, who broke into the Bank of England. The profit was so large that more than two decades later, George remains a heavyweight in investments through the Soros Fund Management, which is a family office that holds $30 million in assets. This year, Soros brought into his team Dawn Fitzpatrick, who is one of the most prominent women on Wall Street. Dawn was hired to run Soro’s investment portfolio as the Chief Investment Officer(CIO), of the Soros Fund Management, a position which had previously been helped by six individuals.

The Billionaire Investor

In 2004, George Soros spent $27 million to try and defeat President George Bush. In 2016, he also re-emerged among the leading funders of democratic politics. Soros donated more than $25 million to boost Hilary Clinton’s campaigns and those of other Democratic candidates. Some of Soro’s associates also said that they expected him to give more as the Election Day neared. They conveyed this in an interview, which was conducted with the Democratic operatives and Soros associates. Soros, who is now 85 years old, said that he had a plan to attend his first Democratic convention to listen to Clinton with whom they had been friends for 25 years.

Soros wanted to see and hear Hillary accept the Democratic Presidential Nomination. However, he canceled his attendance to the meeting since he needed to monitor the economic situation in the continent of Europe as he has just returned to active trading. Sources close to Soros also indicated that he seemed more interested in politics than he has been in years. The people attributed the above to the faith that Soros had in Clinton and the fear that he had in Donald Trump’s win since the two are GOP rivals. Soros blatantly blamed Trump for doing the work that ISIS does; He said Trump fuels fear in people.

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