Greg Aziz’s Impeccable History in The Manufacturing Industry

National Steel Car has over ten decades of excellence in manufacturing, engineering and quality commitment. The North America-situated organization has gained a reputation as the leading tank car manufacturer and railroad freight. The personalities in the enterprise are the cornerstone of the company’s greatness. National Steel Car has acquired tremendous achievements under the input of its employees. Today, the organization is recognized as a diverse, innovative and more dynamic enterprise whose operations are value-driven. National Steel Car is persistently raising its bars in its sector under the influence of the hardworking workers and the entire team. Under its leadership personalities, National Steel Car has successfully identified its strengths with unmatched efficiencies in the rail sector.


Customers prefer the organization’s services due to the company’s honesty to their core values and a sense of consideration to their clients. For over one year, National Steel Car has consistently received awards from the annual TTX SECO. The company is the only North America rail car manufacturer having been certified by ISO 9001:2008. National Steel Car has a unique relationship with its suppliers and its 2,000 team members whose intentions are always to produce the best quality of railcars.


Gregory James Aziz is the pioneer of the National Steel Car’s operations. Under Greg Aziz’s instructions, the company not only provides car manufacturing services but also provides various social works the intent of giving back to the people. James Aziz was born in Ontario in 1949. James Aziz then attended Ridley College and later went to Western Ontario University for his economics study. After completion of his studies, Gregory James Aziz was initiated in his family food enterprise where he positively impacted it. Between 1980 and 1990, Greg Aziz served various banks in different leadership posts. His expertise led him to the railroad manufacturing venture where he has significantly made achievements.


For over two decades, James Aziz has been recognized for ensuring quality and sustainable production of railcars by the organization. Greg Aziz has reached international commercial success as the Chair and CEO of the car brand company. James Aziz’s idea of National Steel Car brought significant positive outcomes to the community. Individuals who sought employment were now sorted. The company increased its number of employees from 600 to 2,000 workers. Gregory James Aziz has impeccable ways of maintaining National Steel Car’s history. He leads the organization becoming one f the most profitable enterprise honoring its employees throughout its lifetime.



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