Gregory James Aziz Says It’s All About People

Gregory James Aziz serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the National Steel Car Company and National Industries Inc. He resides In Hamilton Ontario with his family, which he values greatly. His resume shows that he has ample experience in leadership positions. National Steel Car is a well-performing company because in the last 100 years it has been providing reliable services and products to its clients. It mainly deals with tank car manufacture and railroad freight.

James Aziz says that one of his core values is placing value on people who work for him for without them there would be no production. He says that he does not consider them as his juniors but as individuals who are fully competent in what they do. However, Greg motivates them enough to make sure they are focused on their primary duty. Gregory Aziz further says that he respects every individual in his work force and he plays the role of a transformational leader, who interacts with them at a personal level to make them feel valued. Further, he says that it helps him to know people’s strengths and weaknesses to keep a better flow in the office. Refer to This Article for more information.


James Aziz also allows the members to be imaginative and innovative as he believes it’s one of the ways to keep the firm performance high in the midst of great competition. Workers in the company are well versed in the field and are allowed to bring in new ideas, which are most times tested in the company laboratories before they are approved. Some are adapted while others are improved by the team. James also instills the value of excellence in his workers, telling them that it makes the customers trust them more. He believes that it would be better to close up the company than to produce mediocre products. Consequently, the primary focus is quality and value that the products offer the customer not the profitability of the firm. Like Aziz on Facebook.


Moreover, Gregory Aziz is critical in analyzing the customer feedback so that it can be incorporated into all new products produced. Gregory believes that the client is the most valued person and his satisfaction determines the success of the company. Moreover, serving customers well makes the customer tell others and increases the company clientele. On the other hand, Gregory believes that the opposite is true as dissatisfied customers dissuade others from buying from a company. In a nutshell, Greg loves and values people whether customers, workers, or suppliers as he identifies

them as his success network.


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