A Guideline to Becoming a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard

In the year 2001, Traveling Vineyard was established as a wine tasting company located in a back yard. Over time, the scope of this company has expanded to become one of the biggest job providers. It has made it possible for individuals to work from home and make a significant amount of money as wine guides. To become a guide, one needs to go through training which is organized by the company, until such a time that the trainee feels sufficiently equipped to stand out on their own. The company always reassures the guides that they got them. Once you embark on the business as wine guide, one can make as much money as they want.

Upon expressing your interest to becoming a wine guide through a message or application, you are immediately connected with a leader from your locality. The individual leader answers all the questions that you may have. From there, you get to the training center which is available online. Tips on how to approach the clients and how to market your items are provided here. You shouldn’t miss the Harvest Conference where speakers with encouragements to the guides get to speak. You get to interact with individuals who are in the same business as you. Also present are mini classes where details of new products are given, and questions to some life topics answered.

Upon signing up as a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard, a kit with all necessary equipment required for starting up is provided. Among them are two tasting sets with five bottles of wine, tasting glasses and a bottle carrier that can hold six bottles. With this kit, you can carry a variety of wines when meeting up with clients. You also get to receive the documents necessary for placing an order. A sheet containing answers to the commonly asked questions by customers is also provided. The Sommology kit is also essential while starting since it provides sufficient information on how to combine wine with both food and events.

Becoming a wine guide comes along with numerous benefits besides being your boss. You get to make new friends while tasting wines at home or in a special gathering. Another good thing about becoming a wine guide is the fact that you equip yourself with knowledge about wines from various regions and how they are made. It is up to you as a wine guide to set the time you need to spend home with your family, and when to go out and do your business. While working with Traveling Vineyard, you have the assurance of flexibility, freedom as well as having pure fun all the way. The Traveling Vineyard continues to share its information through its social media platforms which include Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest.

About Traveling Vineyard: twitter.com/travelinvinyard?lang=en

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