Sawyer Howitt Instructs Young Entrepreneurs

     Sawyer Howitt knows a thing or two about becoming an entrepreneur as his family has a strong tradition of excelling with new business endeavors. While he has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, he is still young and uniquely positioned to speak to his peers about the subject. He has articulated important areas that can help young entrepreneurs jump start their ideas.

Don’t wait for the perfect time is Howitt’s advice for those hoping to nurture a business idea. He urges them to just start as the right time never seems to come along and obstacles will always be in the way. Trying to learn more can be never ending and you risk never knowing enough. In Howitt’s experience right now is the best time to start.

Hiring the right employees is another way for entrepreneurs to short cut the process of launching a business. He recommends owners look for employees with the right skills who are also a good match for the business culture being set forth. The right temperament is very important to the success of the whole.

A strong focus is another imperative laid down by Howitt and he urges young entrepreneurs to focus on one great idea at a time and avoid distractions. An almost maniacal devotion is required to successfully launch a new business. Writing down ideas and saving them for later when the business is up and running is the best way.

The numbers matter to a ridiculously important extent in any business, but especially a new startup. Cash related numbers must be taken care of forthwith and in a most fastidious fashion. Inventory, payroll, and startup costs are essential figures for those hoping to take an idea to the big leagues. Key performance indicators are important data which entrepreneurs must keep uppermost in their minds. An excellent example of this is the conversion rate of website visitors to warm leads.

Cultivating excellent people skills is essential to a startup’s success. The need to pitch ideas and present business models is what could be the difference between success and failure.

Sawyer Howitt is a project manager with the Meriwether Group and has gained knowledge and experience in understanding the operational and financial needs of a business. His job comprises a variety of duties and his business skills continue to grow.

An Entrepreneurial Finance degree is what Howitt plans on pursuing when he enrolls in college. He has learned about becoming an entrepreneur from his father and many other business executives and founders.

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