The Ultimate Freedom Capital’s Back to School Guide

The final month of summer is time for parents and students to prepare for school. The truth is, back to school preparations can be overwhelming especially in large families. Adequate back to school preparations help parents prepare for smooth home-school transitions. The easy steps below can help make back to school preps less stressful for both parents and students.

The first step should be getting a shopping list before the actual shopping. It is wise to avoid the temptation of shopping for school items without a formal shopping list from the school. When you shop without a list, you may purchase unnecessary items and leave out crucial ones. Kevin Gallegos of Freedom Capital suggests that parents should secure a supply list from the children’s school in advance.

After getting the formal school shopping, you should then establish a budget. A back to school budget gives you better control of finances. It also sets realistic goals for you and your child. The budget should be built around the shopping list with goals of both parents and children in consideration. Gallegos, a top executive at Freedom Financial, advises against shopping too early for school for it is often counterintuitive. When people shop too early for school, they miss out on the clearance sales that happen at the beginning of the school year.

The other important step is the actual stocking up of supplies. With the school supply list and the budget ready parents, it’s time to shop. Parents should take their time and find the best classroom supplies and clothing deals in town. Freedom Financial advises strict adherence to the budget for better financial control. It is also wise for children to accompany parents during shopping so that they can have some say on items.

About Freedom Financial

Freedom financial is an American financial consultancy company. It is a Network of more than 600 employees who refer to themselves as the Freedom Network. They are smart, energetic, and compassionate about helping employees navigate through tough financial times in their lives. The Freedom Financial Network dates back to the year 2002. Two Stanford Business School Graduates, Andrew Housser and Bradford Stroh, started an entity to guide people through tough Financial times. Since then, Freedom Capital has grown to be one of the best around with more than 30,000 customers. It operates in the states of California and Arizona.

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