Consolidation Plus Will Help Negotiate and Settle Your Debts

After the Equifax data breach, many people are realizing that nobody is safe from scammers. Here is how to protect yourself.

The first step is constantly monitoring your bank account. Doing this will help you be aware if anything suspicious occurs, such as payments you did not make. It can mean somebody is using your card. If you see payments you did not make on your credit card history, get in touch with your bank. They will freeze the old card and get you a new one.

You should also change your passwords. Make sure your passwords are secure and hard to figure out. You should also be aware of scammers who may be trying to get your information. Stay safe by not giving out your information over the phone or online unless you really know who you are communicating with.

Consolidation Plus is part of the Freedom Financial Network. If you are eligible to apply, you will receive an invitation packet that includes an application. You can fill this out to apply. Next, if you are approved, you can get started with the debt consolidation program right away. A loan consultant will help you out. They will help negotiate and settle your debts.

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