End Citizens United opposes Donald Trump, Supports Johnson Amendment.

The Johnson Amendment is, perhaps, one of the most important pieces of legislation to be attacked by the current presidential regime of Donald Trump. The Johnson Amendment was a bipartisan piece of legislation that was created in order to give religious institutions tax-free status in exchange for preventing them from becoming political piggybanks via their donation system. The Johnson Amendment was instituted in 1954 but over the past decade or so, dating back to the Citizens United decision in the Supreme, it has become increasingly under attack by members of the right. Donald Trump campaigned on the idea of bringing religion back into the focal point of politics so it should surprise nobody that he is trying to worm another way to exploit religion for political gain. Thankfully, there are certain groups that are functioning to try and push back against his dangerous regime — such as End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee that has been working to engineer a movement by the people and for the people. The goal of End Citizens United has been simple, their entire existence was predicated on bringing campaign finance reform to Washington D.C. We mentioned the disastrous Supreme Court ruling in 2010, which opened the doors for dark money and crony-lobbyists, and the goal of End Citizens United is to repeal that dangerous piece of legislation. By attacking the Johnson Amendment, Donald Trump is also attacking the promise of campaign finance reform — thus the inclusion of End Citizens United.

Tiffany Muller is the president of End Citizens United and she has been particularly vocal about her support for the Johnson Amendment. Muller took aim at House Republicans as well as Donald Trump when the GOP Tax Plan was proposed which would take the teeth out of the Johnson Amendment. Muller understood immediately that by taking away consequence for the Johnson Amendment, Republicans were simply opening up another backdoor to start funneling money into politics. Muller pointed out that by allowing churches to donate to political campaigns, a new door is opening for mega-donors to give away their money while also getting a tax write off. The outcome of such a system would further pervert the will of the American people, thus putting even more power into the hands of the political lobbyists that already control our country.

We saw in early Fall that Donald Trump was willing to put the Johnson Amendment on notice. By way of an executive order, Trump put the IRS in the crosshairs of his own agenda. Trump ordered the IRS to quit prosecuting religious institutions that broke the Johnson Amendment, thus effectively telling the IRS to ignore the law. It’s easy to see that Trump won’t rest until he has manipulated the law to his advantage. That is why End Citizens United is getting so active in the fight for campaign finance reform.

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