Sahm Adrangi’s Unique Investment Accomplishments

Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC in New York City. Kerrisdale is and investment company known for shareholding the Pulse Biosciences Inc. stocks. The company’s main mission is to expose fraudulent and short activities, such as those with China-Biotics. Adrangi himself specializes in short selling and publishing research. Kerrisdale has been in business since 2009 and since its founding, Adrangi has been involved in everything related to the firm’s development.

Kerrisdale has since succeeded in making many companies, including the Chinese Education Alliance, subject to reinforcement by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC). Today, Sahm Adrangi is diversifying the company into several specific sectors, such as a mining and a biotechnology. In 2013, he partnered Kerrisdale with Lindsay Corporation Management in order to upgrade on Kerrisdale’s capital allocation and cash policies.

Sahm Adrangi earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Yale University and started his career in the credit department. He leveraged loan debts and performed high yields with the Deutsche Bank. He also served as an adviser to creditor communities and handled out-of-court bankruptcy restructuring situations with Chanin Capital Partners. He also worked for several years for Longacre Management, which is a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund corporation.

More recently, Sahm Adrangi made a prediction about the Nordic cancer vaccine’s failure of its long-run study. When that prediction turned out to be accurate, Prothena’s shares, which had previously been over $2 billion, dropped by eight percent. That study is currently going into its third phase, which Adrangi believes will just further find Nordic vaccine to be ineffective beyond all doubt. They say that Adrangi is not very generous to those who he finds have been operating with their own ulterior motives and Prothena has been no exception. The company has also recently had to recall the effectiveness of a drug that they had been trying to develop for psoriasis.


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