Sussex Healthcare Serves Adults With Learning And Physical Difficulties

With more professional housing services for older people than ever before, there is a Sussex-based network of independent care and support homes collectively called Sussex Healthcare. Sussex Healthcare provides each resident (or service user) with the essential nursing services he or she needs. Moreover, these homes exclusively serve people with neurological disabilities and other people who are mentally frail with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia.

In essence, the sixteen homes which Sussex Healthcare manages set the standard for care and support homes against which all other groups of care and support homes are compared. The executive management team at Sussex Healthcare knows catering to adults with learning or physical difficulties can be challenging.

What is Sussex Healthcare’s secret?
Each of the UK-based care and support homes is about more than just providing its residents with housing. Each home is staffed by dedicated carers who are well-trained and provide each resident with superb nursing care 24 hours a day. In a homely setting, the purpose-built facilities are equipped with the most advanced technologies and offer learning and physical therapies.

In 1985, the group began with just one home, resulting in the group expanding to a 500-person operation and making it a leading provider of nursing and residential care and support.

Whether a staff member is preparing a meal, a resident is receiving learning and/or physical therapy in a peaceful setting, Sussex Healthcare is keeping abreast of the latest and greatest technologies with which to serve its residents, the wider community and the on-site facilities represent the ultimate network of premier care homes.

When it comes to caring for the residents, the professional services which Sussex Healthcare provides are all the service users ever need. Moreover, the attentive and caring staff of each care and support home pay attention to their residents’ concerns because each resident’s health and well-being are so important to them. The staff members work so hard, mostly so they can better serve the residents: preparing freshly made meals using local ingredients, providing outstanding healthcare, focusing on each service user’s health and well-being, and much more.

So why should a potential resident or service user settle for just any care or support home? Sussex Healthcare’s care and support homes affords people with learning or physical the opportunity to live the best life possible. Most important, Sussex Healthcare’s goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment that offers its residents dignity, self-respect and independence.


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