Dr. David Samadi: A Sought-After Urologist Doctor, New York, US

Dr. David Samadi is a renowned doctor who specializes in diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, urologic infections, bladder cancer, and kidney cancers. He is a urologist certified by the board. David serves at Lenox Hill Hospital as the chairman of Urology and the chief of Robotic Surgery of Urology. His involvement in this hospital began in June 2013. He had successfully served at Mount Sinai Hospital as the Minimally Invasive Surgery Chief in Urology Department, and as chief for Robotics Division in the Urology Department. David is a globally known doctor in urology oncology specializing in robotics and minimally invasive surgery techniques for prostate cancer. Besides his work in the hospital, he has an epic leadership profile in leading the prostate cancer treatment and the robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy where he has done more than 7,000 surgeries in the robotic prostate.

Dr. Samadi was born and raised in Iran, a Persian Jewish society. His family background entails stories of his separation of him and his brother from their siblings and family into a different new environments in Belgium. However, David never gave up on his dreams and is what brings out the beautiful outcome in the medical sector. He studied at Rosylin High School in Belgium, then attained an undergraduate degree in London and later in United States, New York. David attended Stony Broke University for biochemistry degree, a fully funded scholarship. Later He acquired a Master’s degree in medicine from the same University and attended the renowned Montefiore Medical Center for his postgraduate studies in urology. Since then, he engaged in various trainings in proctology and oncology.

For Dr. David Samadi, he strongly recognizes September as a month for prostate cancer awareness. He says that this is the second killer cancer infection in the US and that is why awareness is key. On his views concerning the prevention of prostate cancer, David shares that the best method is to be tested and be aware of the blood test, be examined, and book regular checks for any signs of abnormalities. Wondering what age is perfect for the testing, David shares that at the age of 45 years you are ripe for a test and screenings are vital. This will enable the doctors to diagnose and recommend right tests.

Through successful efforts, David has modified advanced robotic technique that creates a better revolutionary for surgery process. The technique spares nerves during the surgery to affect sex life of the prostate cancer patients positively. It is one of the SMART Surgery techniques. Dr. David Samadi is a member of the outspoken list of New York best doctors, US since 2004.

For More info: www.linkedin.com/in/davidsamadi

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