The End Citizen United Group Contributes to Democrats Elections Campaigns

     End citizen United was founded in March 2015 by former Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee members. The main reason for its launch was to fight political funding groups that corrupt the elections to get their way. The Supreme Court decided on Citizen United vs. Federal Election Commission. The Federal Election Commission holds corporate funding for independent political parties. The committee has supported and contributed to the Democratic candidates. The prime role of the movement is to dismantle manipulated and rigged political systems.

The group has also been raising money to fund its initiatives. In 2017, they collected more than 4 million dollars and invested in projects that would boost their income to 35 million dollars. The money will then be used for 2018 midterm elections of the Congress. According to Tiffany Muller, the PACs president and the executive director, about 10,000 people have made their contributions. The movement received a total of 12 million dollars in 2017. The group has come up with strategies that would help in its mission, which include electing pro-reform candidates using the grassroots membership to dictate political power, and raising money issues in national politics.

The End Citizens United PAC is a substantial contributor to the Democratic candidates’ election campaigns. In 2016, the committee donated a total amount of 685 million dollars to support both the U.S House of Representatives and the U.S Senate Seat democrat’s candidates. The movement spent 941,974 dollars during the 2016 Campaign season.

In May 2017, they supported Rob Quist on his special election for Montana’s Congressional District Seat. The group’s main aim was to provide maximum cooperation of all members of the Quist’s campaign to make sure there was sustainable and steady support. The group had a pool of 3 million people in the nation and 350 donors. The End Citizen United had also supported Jon Ossoff with a sum of 825,000 dollars for his campaign for Georgia District Elections.

The End Citizens United has a website that shows all the activities they are involved in and posts their latest news. The group has endorsed many democratic candidates. In 2016, it supported Hillary Clinton for her campaigns in the presidential race. For the House of Representatives, they have promoted Julia Browny, Matt Cartwright, Reuben Kihuen and Ben Ray Lujan. For the U.S Senate race, they endorsed Tammy Baldwin, Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown.

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