See Why Medical Research Has Become A Dear Subject To Tony Petrello

Oil drilling is among the most lucrative investment opportunities in any part of the country today. Whenever the great investors are thinking about an investment venture, they cannot help think about oil drilling. Nabors Industries has become a tech titan in the oil drilling sector. The firm’s CEO and President, Tony Petrello has even helped the company to gain global recognition in oil drilling services.

Actually, Tony is known to be one of the wealthiest executives the country has today. If you happen to talk about the CEOs who are highly paid in the country today, you cannot miss Tony on that list. For over 20 years now, Tony has relentlessly spearheaded the growth and leadership of Nabors Industries.

This contract driller and oilfield service company has grown to the best levels it could manage. It is one of the largest businesses in the world today and its name has really stood out amid competition from other companies. It has managed to have drilling rigs in hundreds in about 25 countries now. That is why the company doesn’t struggle to make Tony one of the highest Chief Executive Officers the country has today. Nonetheless, this kind of CEO is more than what his earnings are. Tony is not just a successful leader but also a serious philanthropist. The charitable causes he promotes indicate the kind of unstoppable passion he has for the charity works.

His charitable giving is highly motivated by the passion he has for patient care and medical research. Tony and his wife, Cynthia, have managed to give a donation of about $7 million to the Neurological Research Institute found at the Children’s Hospital in Texas. The neurological institute is greatly devoted to finding out why children suffer from the neurological issues and the treatments that could be availed. Tony is aware that many youths with damaged brain struggle to overcome their mental and physical disabilities.

Tony Petrello relates so well to this feeling because his daughter, Carena is a victim of brain damage problem. Actually, she suffers from a neurological disease the scientists refer to as periventricular leukomalacia. Children who are born before their time and with very low weight suffer from the neurological condition. Symptoms of children with this condition include difficulty feeding on their own, walking problems, speech issues, and delayed motor skills. With the kind of business endeavors Tony is undoubtedly pursuing, it indicates he will contribute a lot to the local community and help the local realize the opportunities they need to seize.


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