OSI Industries: The Worlds Biggest Food Portfolio

Supplying the foodservice industry with product isn’t easy. In an effort to drive in more customers, the food service industry has been going crazy with products lately. New menu items are added daily and menu needs to be able to constantly change and adapt in order for a business to remain competitive. Those who supply the foodservice industry with product must, in turn, change and adapt at triple the pace in order to keep up. One company that shines at this is the Top 100 Food Company OSI Industries. When you talk about inventory OSI has it in spades. From pork, beef, fish, lamb, snacks, deli foods, sauces, pies, cakes, dressing, mayonnaise, and sous vide products, you name it and OSI Industries probably has it.

One of the ways that OSI Industries keeps its portfolio so bustling with product is through its acquisitions. In 2016 alone, OSI snatched up two companies with vastly different products than itself. This gave OSI the ability to offer these products to consumers in their market while also opening new markets via acquisition to sell their long-standing meat products.

The first of these companies was Baho Foods, a deli meat, and snack provider. OSI Industries added to snack foods and deli meats to its inventory list while also gaining traction in the convenience sector through previous Baho Foods clientele. The other big purchase was that of Flagship Europe, now Creative Foods. Creative Foods offers frozen poultry, sous vide products, sauces, fillings, and more to a UK client base. Purchasing Flagship Europe gave OSI access to these products and market instantaneously. Once again, having access to a wide array of products to offer customers can generate more loyalty and prevent customers from seeking out other sources for their products from the competition.

OSI shows that it is entirely possible to create a positive atmosphere of product lines via acquisition. Acquisition can serve as a primary tool for portfolio growth as well as brand and loyalty growth. OSI is a top player in the foodservice industry and provides major companies such as McDonald’s and Papa Johns. It wasn’t easy to get to this spot for OSI, however, as it required them to make smart tactical decisions on how to approach acquisition as a whole. A process that OSI has mastered at this point. If OSI continues to make smart acquisitions such as Baho Foods and Flagship Europe they should continue to give their customers no reason to even talk about the competition.

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