The Impact of Hussain Sajwani

Few entrepreneurs have built the success that Hussain Sajwani has created. An Emirati billionaire property developer, Sajwani has built a reputation as one of the best real estate minds in the world. Sajwani is perhaps most known for his company DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties has been ranked high on Forbes Global list on multiple occasions. Sajwani has built a business that has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world and continues to expand and grow.


Hussain Sajwani, chairman of Damac Group, learned a lot watching his father as a young child. His father was an entrepreneur that owned his own shop where he sold watches and other goods. Hussain learned a lot about work ethic and professionalism watching his father. He would soon go own to work hard and earn a scholarship for college. Sajwani earned a a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from the University of Washington. He would soon after go on to start his professional career by working with he finance department in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. Years of work and study lead to the year 2002 when he started his own company DAMAC Properties.


DAMAC Properties is one of the most successful and profitable companies in the Middle East. They have developed thousands of apartments and other living spaces throughout their history. As of Today the company is responsible many major real estate projects including a Tiger Wolf golf course. The course is managed by the Trump Organization. DAMAC has also collaborated with some well known brands including the likes of Versace and Fendi, and Bugatti. The company has also worked with Paramount Hotels and Resorts.


Hussain Sajwani has built a relationship with Donald Trump. The two have collaborated on major real estate projects in recent years. Sajwai is currently working with the three Trump kids as he waits for Donald to get out of the White House. The billionaire has made a huge impact on the real estate world and has been recognized with multiple awards. With such an amazing track record he is sure to continue making an impact for many more years to come.

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