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When IC Systems Call You What Should You Do?


In the event that IC Systems, an accounts receivable business calls you about an outstanding debt, here are a few things you should do. Do not become alarmed, even though you may be feeling emotions such as frustration, anxiety, or indignation. Understanding how the process works in resolving the debt is important to get the matter settled.


Understanding IC Systems are important. In 1938, the company was founded by Jack and Ruth Erickson. The headquarters for the company is located outside of St. Paul, Minnesota. IC Systems are experienced in assisting in resolving financial issues for consumers and clients. They operate on being honest and ethical in their business practices. Recently the company was nominated by the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award, three years in a row for their principles of honesty and integrity.


After Receiving The Notice What Frame Of Mind Should You Be In?


A notice in the mail is the first time someone realizes the collection’s procedure has begun. When this happens, do not become fearful. This notice is an accounting process that is normal. This is how a business attempt to clear up a debt. Realizing that there are people within the organization that understands you are a person with many issues that is contributing to your debt, is important. Agencies trying to collect a debt understand that you may be having financial difficulties which may include losing your job, health, and other issues. Understand those collection agents look at these circumstances. This will help you to trust them, and make the process easier for you to work with them in resolving your debt issue.


It is important to make sure the information in the notice is correct by immediately checking it. This will help in avoiding any mistake from happening, which may affect your credit negatively. If you are not sure you owe the debt, ask the agency to provide verification of the amount they say you owe in writing. You can contest the amount due if shown the debt is not owed, by contacting the collection agency.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva Acknowledged for Hard Work and Efforts

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a professor of Criminal Law at Perdizes Campus in Sao Paulo Brazil. In the beginning of the ceremony that was held, Dirceu de Mello, the president of Perdizes University Campus, also known as PUC, glorified Marco Antonio’s efforts in helping to ensure the construction of the new auditoriums at the institution. Therefore, one of the new auditoriums at Perdizes University Campus was named after the professor/judge. Dirceu de Mello stated that Marco Antonio is always ready to help with everything. Marco Antonio’s work and efforts are very much appreciated and were honored. Marco Antonio was also acknowledged by Ricardo Sayeg, a lawyer at Perdizes University Campus-Sao Paulo. Ricardo talked about Marco Antonio’s career in his speech. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was born in 1958 in the city of Itapetininga. He already had his mind made up to pursue a career in Law at the age of 15. In 1977, Marco Antonio began his legal studies at Perdizes University Campus and graduated 4 years later. He also pursued degrees, including masters and doctorate, at the Pontifical Catholic University. He earned his tenure in 2003 at Perdizes University Campus, where he currently teaches.


Ricardo Sayeg also spoke about Marco Antonio’s scholarly work. Marco Antonio is the author of 40 articles and 13 books. Marco edited “Luso-Brazilizn Treaty on Human Dignity”, mutually with Jorge Miranda, a European Constitutional Law Professor. Sayeg also included, in his speech, that Marco Antonio is a good man who is honest, loyal, and dedicated. Marco Antonio gave an emotional speech as he gave thanks to his family and friends who were present in the ceremony. He also said, in his speech, he is a man who values education, family, friends and justice. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva closed his speech by saying, with the same excitement and humanitarianism when he enrolled at Perdizes University Campus, “I keep my restless spirit longing for change.”


The Community Committed, Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the CEO and founder of The Custom Companies Inc., which is a full-service transportation provider. Mandera’s company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Illinois. Mandera’s company provides logistic services, LTL products, air freight forwarding, and cartage services. Perry also served in the armed forces and has always shown exactly how he serves the community. Perry Mandera has developed another organization named Custom Cares, which is the charitable arm of The Custom Companies Inc. This organization aids in Mandera’s commitment to the community by allowing him to work with different organizations such as Hiring Our Heroes and Marines For Life, The American Cancer Society and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Each of those organizations has lead Perry to work with them because they touched him in some way. Mandera was a Marine so naturally he want to support an organization that aid veterans. This then lead Perry to support the cancer organizations because it was something that he believes in the healing of. He is now known for contributing to The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls organization. Perry’s support will help keep this organization a float as well as help the at-risk youth. He also donate transportation services, food, and supplies to aid victims of natural disasters. Mandera also sponsor sports teams around Illinois. He not only sponsor teams, he also takes on an additional role of coaching them. As you can see Perry Mandera is showing the children what a great role model looks like. Children are able to see how Mandera’s hard work and persistence paid off. Perry has not only made his mark in the business world but also has shown how much of a philanthropist he is. The type of contributions given to different organizations not only shows how Perry gives back but it also shows what type of person he is.

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Perry Mandera, CEO of The Custom Companies Inc, Inspires Chicagoans To Give 100 Percent Through Quality Work And Charity

Jeff Herman making a difference through his firm

Jeff Herman founded Herman Law that making him the managing partner. He has committed the professional life that he has to ensure that the victims that have faced sexual assault, abuse, rape and sexual exploitation will get the justice that they deserve. There was a case that he was represented in 1990 from a woman who had a son that was abused by his pre-school teacher. After investigations were carried, it was discovered that it was not the first time the abuser was accused of such a case because he was convicted once for a pedophile case. Because the school did not carry the necessary background check it resulted in him getting the job and another opportunity of repeating his action. That is when things changed for Jeff Herman because he recognized that as his calling and that lead to him shifting his practice to deal with the sexual abuse cases.

With the experience that Jeff had from his previous posts, it has helped Herman to be able to grow the firm to become the nation’s leading law company that will deal with sexual nature cases. By using his firm he has offered the victims, families, and the survivors with the closure, justice and with that they have been able to regain their life back because they are at peace. Herman will offer the clients with the life-changing result that has helped him in achieving the success and satisfaction that he needed, that’s why he ensure that he will handle any case with integrity and a moral compass that is strong.

That has helped Herman Law firm to be able to have cases that are on the National level. Because in any case, they will offer the needed time, effort and services to ensure that the victims will get the justice. They have worked hard in providing the community with the required knowledge on the ways they can prevent abuse and how to go about it if it happened. Jeff Herman will offer the victims with all that is needed to cope with the situation so that to trust again and get the required confidence.

The Business and Humanitarian Life of Vinod Gupta

The success of an investor is determined by the power of the investor to believe in their dreams. Many people keep giving excuses as to why they are not starting their ventures. Some say they are waiting to accumulate their capital, among other reasons. Vinod Gupta broke the procrastination temptation and decided to invest in his idea.

Vinod Gupta is the CEO of the Everest Group. He says that in the younger stages of the businesses it had very many challenges. Many naysayers said that no one would need the products and services that they were providing. He ignored the negative voices, borrowed $100 and begin a business whose worth turned out to be $680 million.

Vinod Gupta advises the young business person to be bold to take risks in business. However, he tells them to be careful and test the market, especially when the amount they are about to invest is substantial. This helps in avoiding disappointments.
Besides Vinod Gupta being a committed business person, he is a great humanitarian. He has been working to see that the Indian women are empowered. The Indian community has been denying the women the chance to go to school and acquire the academic knowledge. He has given the girls and women the chance to learn and re-invent their life.

Vinod Gupta contributed $1 million to the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic. The institution helps women acquire degrees in two years’ time. Gupta has also begun a girl’s school. He is financing the purchase of the stationary, school buses and the textbooks. He aims to see that the girls get a quality education system.

Vinod Gupta says that he is very glad because he can use his wealth to help other people better their life with his wealth. He also thanks his father for instilling the need of education in his life.

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Helping Brazil Become a Better Country Through the Research Efforts of Jorge Moll

With the collaborative efforts of students, associates, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and a large variety of individuals in the science industry Jorge Moll believes that with the collaboration of many minds in different fields that the exchange of ideas and the ability to come up with brilliancy to eventually turn into a life changing reality is the formula that he uses at his Research Institute in Rio De Janeiro. Jorge Moll is the president and board member of D’or Institute of Research and Education and for years has been a neuroscientist where he earned his degree from the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro completing his residency and then went further to receive an Experimental Pathophysiology PhD from Sao Paulo University as well. While directing the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit within his own research organization he believes not just in diagnostic and imaging and medical revelation, but also tries his best to truly live out what he calls himself to be a family man staying and fulfilling his career not in somewhere foreign, but his home country of Brazil.


Over his entire lifetime he’s always had a dream and a passion to educate and empower is home country in the fields of research, healthcare, and education and in his opinion for this to become a reality is to accumulate a vast number of ideas, coming up with a plan of action along with collaborative efforts to change the medical field.


The most interesting realm current need to spend a lot of his research in is artificial intelligence and the symbiotic relationship that the brain and machines could possibly have together. Through their work together these cognitive systems potentially have the ability to become options in regenerative medicine and gene therapies that will in long run benefit humanity.


He believes that one of his skills and habits that make him extremely productive businessman is his ability to be open, transparent, and skillful not holding on to too many ideas, but running with the ones that he believes can yield a result with the help of many people at one time. Overall on Jorge Moll is an extremely hard worker dedicated to bettering his country.


20,000 Euro Donation to Change Benefits Amateur Boxing Club for the Better with greater support and Financing

Lee May is a boxing fan who works for Beamridge limited company as a managing director. With his work there they typically focus on construction and its industry and how they can possibly create new ideas to make the work alone for its workers and clients that much easier. But with his passion for boxing he has taken on a new initiative and is currently trying to raise over €20 000 for young boxers that are part of the program called Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club.


This organization is extremely important as it takes young boxers who have the passion and the drive to train and compete and gives them an opportunity to test their skills and fight in tournaments. These boxers are given opportunities to train and opportunities to grow their skills as they compete in tournaments that are in Europe and domestic areas. Aside from the obvious boxing training also happens in Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club is the young boxers are able to learn the true value of family and are given a sense of morale and integrity from its instructors that are not good only just for boxing but also for as they age and in the real world nemesis amateur boxing club offers and provides way more then physical training but also social and emotional training as well.


The form in which Lee May would like to donate to the nemesis image of boxing club a donation of€20000 that will help them purchase a new mini bus. With this mini bus they’ll now be able to travel more spread the good will and information and values that they have as well as help their young boxers travel to other areas developing their fighting. The work being done at Nemesis ABC is something that truly needs to be invested in which is why he started his fundraiser in the first place. Beamridge is a corporation that’s strongly trying to impact those in its circle of influence. Lee wants Nemesis ABC to have that same effect in that their sphere of influence will increase and hopefully they will create a greater impact on the world with their new financed minibus and donated investment.

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Stansberry Research: A Leading Publishing Company in Investment Research

Stansberry Research released an article pointing out the updates for Walmart, considered as the world dominator. There was an experience of less growth in the online sales and weak guidance from previous years. After some time of failure in delivering and poor performance, the retail dominator is gaining track again. With more retail going online, Walmart is expected to profit more. There will be a shift from brick and mortar into full online sales which means that the retailer will engage its functions online. Walmart has advantageous existing logistics and infrastructure that can enable them to deliver around 99 percent of United States households in less than two days. It has many physical stores and rapidly building more in various countries. With the fact that the year 2018 has entered its second quarter already, Walmart has more than 11,600 stores accounting for more than 1.1 billion square ft. This brings to the attention that its real estate holdings are quite many. With a more approach to growing its online prowess, Walmart is expected to grow more rapidly. In a recent update by Extreme Value to the subscribers, the company is earning well and that should create optimism to the investors. There is a hope that in few years’ time, the Walmart’s shares will do exploits and the investors should be sure about that. There is potential in the new stock and in few years’ time, the opportunities will rise in investing.


Stansberry Research is a publisher that focuses on financial information and software with a dedication to serving many investors around the globe to its subscribers. The major guiding principles in Stansberry Research is striving to lender information to customers as well as publish analysts with profound advice and strategies that everyone can follow and benefit. Stansberry brings to the table experienced analysts who have a wide range of opinions, unique, and successful strategies in investments. Other strategies involve some philosophies that can be helpful in helping clients grow in the market. They use a multi-franchise approach to base their research and create diverse opportunities for the readers and its subscribers. Most of the information contained is in risk management and identification of an investment opportunity.





Dr. Dov Rand, a co-founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centre, is a highly skilled medical specialist most sort after. He sits at the top in the medical scene having graduated from the Albert Einstein Medical Center where he completed his medical training in New York. The Medical center they established was to provide health and wellness answers for patients with various age-related problems. Among the multiple conditions, Dr. Dov Rand and his team treats are anxiety, insomnia, low libido depression, to name a few by use of regenerative medicine incorporating a calculated approach for separate patients. These patients receive services such as regenerative therapies, weight loss programs, and anti-aging therapies.


Dr. Dov Rand discovered that everyone has good and bad hormones and that aging brings about increase of bad hormones like insulin and cortisol and loss of good hormones like estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, progesterone among others. What sets Dr. Dov Rand apart from the rest of his peers who prescribe synthetic hormones, he adopts the use of bioidentical hormones which are chemically identical to the existing hormones in the body. His method has proved to be a safer alternative because his patients experience fewer cases of cancer, heart diseases, and lower cholesterol and at the same time experiencing increased stamina and energy. He states that many men experience anxiety followed by depression when they discover they have erectile dysfunction. Dr. Dov Rand tackles the issue relating to erectile dysfunction with psychological treatment combined with hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Rand incorporates exercise in his weight training program.


After following Dr. Dov Rand’s program, patients can look forward to having more skills in managing their symptoms. The clinic also offers educational materials to the patients for them to learn more about and maintain their conditions. He also holds a position with the Chilton Medical Center in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. Dr. Dov Rand goes a step further with his outreach efforts by having a stable social media presence. Any future patient can get in touch with the help center at any day and time for more information concerning the hormone therapy procedures, physical therapy programs or dietary timetables.

Constitutional Law and Politics According to Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a world-renowned expert in the field of constitutional law and politics. He comes highly referenced amongst his peers when it comes to speaking on constitutional law and political issues. His work has been published over 90 times in forms of books, articles, and reports. He has over 20 years experience as a constitutional advisor, advising on building constitutions for countries like including Egypt, Sri Lanka, Libya, South Africa, Nepal, Tunisia and Yemen, to name a few (http://sujitchoudhry.com/advisory-work/).

Sujit Choudhry’s stance is written policy. He objectively shows the role written policy plays in world politics and business. One example is his view on Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim travel ban. His view is that if this is ruled in court that the President of the United State’s call is unconstitutional, will this be an unprecedented call for other Heads of State to challenge their own written policy? Does it mean that certain policies should be amended for future reference?

Another example given is explaining his belief of democracy deterioration with the 2015 Polish Parliamentary elections, in which the Polish Initials (PiS) won the elections. This is a severe threat to Polish democracy because the PiS is a very nationalist, reactionary party. Choudhry uses examples to proves different points, including a tweet by Eric Holder declaring that the removal of Robert Mueller would cause various forms of protest (to which Choudhry subtly criticized Holder for being a legal expert, but not giving a valid, legal argument for his point of view). The examples Choudhry gives make his points clearer to his audience. He is currently the Director of the Center of Constitutional Transitions (constitutionaltransitions.org).

Choudhry’s record in the education field is nothing short of outstanding. He holds law degrees from Oxford, Harvard and Toronto. He is also a Rhodes Scholar. He has been a faculty member for very prestigious academic institutions like New York University, Berkeley, and the University of Toronto.

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Sujit Choudhry has a very extensive mediating background. Due to his expertise in law and politics, he is regularly called upon for encouraging dialogue between societal groups like civil servants and executives.

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