Helping Brazil Become a Better Country Through the Research Efforts of Jorge Moll

With the collaborative efforts of students, associates, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and a large variety of individuals in the science industry Jorge Moll believes that with the collaboration of many minds in different fields that the exchange of ideas and the ability to come up with brilliancy to eventually turn into a life changing reality is the formula that he uses at his Research Institute in Rio De Janeiro. Jorge Moll is the president and board member of D’or Institute of Research and Education and for years has been a neuroscientist where he earned his degree from the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro completing his residency and then went further to receive an Experimental Pathophysiology PhD from Sao Paulo University as well. While directing the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit within his own research organization he believes not just in diagnostic and imaging and medical revelation, but also tries his best to truly live out what he calls himself to be a family man staying and fulfilling his career not in somewhere foreign, but his home country of Brazil.


Over his entire lifetime he’s always had a dream and a passion to educate and empower is home country in the fields of research, healthcare, and education and in his opinion for this to become a reality is to accumulate a vast number of ideas, coming up with a plan of action along with collaborative efforts to change the medical field.


The most interesting realm current need to spend a lot of his research in is artificial intelligence and the symbiotic relationship that the brain and machines could possibly have together. Through their work together these cognitive systems potentially have the ability to become options in regenerative medicine and gene therapies that will in long run benefit humanity.


He believes that one of his skills and habits that make him extremely productive businessman is his ability to be open, transparent, and skillful not holding on to too many ideas, but running with the ones that he believes can yield a result with the help of many people at one time. Overall on Jorge Moll is an extremely hard worker dedicated to bettering his country.


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