IC Systems – A Collection Agency With A Heart

When IC Systems Call You What Should You Do?


In the event that IC Systems, an accounts receivable business calls you about an outstanding debt, here are a few things you should do. Do not become alarmed, even though you may be feeling emotions such as frustration, anxiety, or indignation. Understanding how the process works in resolving the debt is important to get the matter settled.


Understanding IC Systems are important. In 1938, the company was founded by Jack and Ruth Erickson. The headquarters for the company is located outside of St. Paul, Minnesota. IC Systems are experienced in assisting in resolving financial issues for consumers and clients. They operate on being honest and ethical in their business practices. Recently the company was nominated by the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award, three years in a row for their principles of honesty and integrity.


After Receiving The Notice What Frame Of Mind Should You Be In?


A notice in the mail is the first time someone realizes the collection’s procedure has begun. When this happens, do not become fearful. This notice is an accounting process that is normal. This is how a business attempt to clear up a debt. Realizing that there are people within the organization that understands you are a person with many issues that is contributing to your debt, is important. Agencies trying to collect a debt understand that you may be having financial difficulties which may include losing your job, health, and other issues. Understand those collection agents look at these circumstances. This will help you to trust them, and make the process easier for you to work with them in resolving your debt issue.


It is important to make sure the information in the notice is correct by immediately checking it. This will help in avoiding any mistake from happening, which may affect your credit negatively. If you are not sure you owe the debt, ask the agency to provide verification of the amount they say you owe in writing. You can contest the amount due if shown the debt is not owed, by contacting the collection agency.


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